States race to secure capitols amid threats of armed protests


Intelligence bulletin that has been reported on by major news outlets, but not released, publicly warning that armed protests are being planned it state capitals all around the country, and now we're getting word from what's going on with the FBI's Boston office. More that with WBC's Karen Regan family, says Boston FBI Special agent in Charge Jomana Balanta. Intelligence agencies don't comment on this sort of thing, usually, But after what happened on January 6th one, Valente says he can say this to the New England States covered by the FBI, Boston office. Mean New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We are currently not in receipt of any credible information regarding violent activity. In or around the Capitol buildings or anywhere else for that matter, connected to the events of January 6th or the upcoming inauguration. Boston Police Commissioner William Gross promises and up police presence and says all law enforcement is working together.

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