Coby White Scores 21 As Chicago Bulls Rally To Beat Trail Blazers

The Free Agents


Kobe white scores. Twenty one and the bull's rally to beat the blazers won eleven one away. They were down twenty but they came back What's the big takeaway well skates. I only got one thing for you. The polls are hitting me win of the year the first twenty point comeback in the nba. This season i saw some highlights from the clippers versus the spurs. They're talking could they be the first team to pull off a twenty point comeback. No they can't but the bulls did as a crazy game. What a night. In the kirby household bowls blazoned on the deck owl's blazers on deck election results trickling in on the computer a luxurious matchup out there red and black both teams january five going down in history. But this was a weird one. I said the bulls gave up a twenty point. Lead thirty nine point eight three pointers in the first quarter. Blazers look like they on fire. It looked like it was going to be sad. Trey kerby coming in on the show today. But i had the faith skeets i said. Just stick around the comeback bulls. We'll take care of this. And somehow they did a billy donovan has gotten something. Out of zach levine. Feels a little bit different. He was out there over passing the ball in the first half of the game but kept getting teammates involved. This ended up being a really nice team win. The bulls had so many guys in double figures. They ended up with seven players in double figures. Everybody was doing something everybody was bored in. This was a fun game to watch like. I said the balls have this huge comeback being a dagger three under a minute left. I'm upstairs everybody else in the house asleep. I'm just jealous like this back in my arms against each other legendary stuff damian. Lillard basically didn't make a shot in the second half did make the one that was most important knockdown down that three from the right wing. The purest swish. You could ever hope to see if you're damian lillard but this was just was just exciting man. I was going nuts in the

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