Tata Harper: 'It was about making the best products in the world, always'


Thanks for tuning into the glossy. Beat podcast. I'm your host brea row. Executive editor at glossy and today's guest is talked to harper the founder and ceo of totta harper skin-care. Welcome totta live free us so nice to be here with you. Thank you for having me. We're so excited to have you tight. You know for those of us. Outside of the beauty industry may not know. You're really interesting background. I mean most people would probably think you're a beauty enthusiast growing up and you were through and through someone obsessed with makeup skin care but you actually trained as an engineer is that right. Yeah totally. But i am but you know being a beauty enthusiasts and being engineer they're not mutually exclusive. You know like. I am a latin woman. I grew up in columbia. And i'm very very latin with my beauty practices and and yeah i actually been a lover of beauty and particularly skincare and haircare. Since i am very very young but i never in my life thought that it would become a beauty interpreter. That's that's totally true. But i've loved beauty all my life. So how did you find your way here. You know because. I think one of the most innovative things about your brand and taught to harper skin here is that you are really the first in the space like you know you brought this really luxury elevated to organic natural better free skin-care. Yes so how it started so again. No idea that would become a beauty. Interpretor really began. I would tell like mid two thousand. I would say like two thousand four when my stepfather got diagnosed with cancer and i was living in miami at the time and i i used to go with him to a lot of the doctors a lot of the clinics. He got tweeted in the us. And i remember hearing the doctors. Just talk about like you know. He needs to reduce his toxic. He should be using more natural products. Who should help him find options. If in columbia don't have available. And i remember going to stores me like whoa. I need to find this for him. I need to find this for me to like what are they talking about. Like i had never heard about the toxic load ever. And and then i started changing switching cleaning products like even like to the point that i changed by dry cleaning but skin care was like that last frontier. That could never really get past. Because i was very attached to the products that i had bought. I bought them since. I was a little girl and also in my mind. They were the most high tech the the highest quality like my mom had always been like that. You know it's really important to invest in beauty. It pays off like in good creams like you know. Have good care. Good practices good routines and i remember you know. Find looking for natural beauty. And at the time that meant going to whole foods and like really like little apothecary. And i would remember. I find things were natural but you know it's like they were so simple. I was like oh you know oh dislike three oils. Together like yeah. They're natural but you know as like okay. You know like olive oil and this and i and and i know and i remember being like this is never going to work for me and also the experience of the product was an amazing either. I remember them being sticky smelling horrible. Like i hated the whole experience and that would go to the park and stores where we used to buy my products like girls. Please help me you know. I want to switch to all natural. What do you have. And they show me products algae's products with orcades products with roses all sorts of botanical. But then he turned around the box. I would be like. I would see all the synthetic chemicals that yes. This is natural matana goals like i get it. There's a piece but it has all distant vettix and they would be like. Oh but there are needed. They needed to get results. You want results then is a synthetic. And i'm like wait. You just tell me a second ago that the results from the algae's i'm confused. Google and you start google illegal ingredients and you're like oh this is petroleum or and then you're like oh propylene glycol. What is this stuff. Oh it's antifreeze like oh now. I don't want to be putting ingredients that belong in my car and my skin and why are they. They're like this is obviously can't be what's giving result so that's how it all began like really trying to figure out. How do i find a product that is truly one hundred percent natural because when i launched the clean beauty industry wasn't around was a totally different environment

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