A highlight from Democracy Now! 2021-02-17 Wednesday


Hi i'm amy goodman this year. Democracy now turns twenty five years old. That's right twenty five years of bringing you the voices and stories. You won't hear. In the corporate media. Democracy now is always refuse to take government or corporate funding because nothing is more important to us than our editorial independence. Nothing is more important to us than telling you the truth but that means we rely on you our audience for support please visit democracy now dot org right now and make your twenty five dollar contribution in honor of our twenty fifth anniversary and help us stay on air for another twenty five years and then another twenty five after that. Thank you so much and remember wearing a mask is an act of love wearing to is even better from new york. This is democracy now. I think that we should be vaccinated teachers. We should move. Them up hierarchies as president biden backs prioritizing covid nineteen vaccines for teachers. We look at the debate. Over how to safely reopen schools during the pandemic will speak to randi weingarten president of the american federation of teachers and stacy davis gates of the chicago teachers union which just agreed to a deal reopening schools. Then we go to bessemer alabama where amazon workers voting on whether to become the first unionized amazon work warehouse in country. So may doing everything they can to keep it. This is a story about david aid lawyer. Why now being david fighting goliath. We all know how that story. Plus we speak to sarah jaffe author of the new book work house devotion to our jobs. Keeps us exploited exhausted and alone the expectation that we're going to love our jobs and do them under. All sorts of horrific conditions has taken over

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