Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Will Do Oprah Interview

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In an interview with oprah. So what does that mean for their royal feet future just out today. Please welcome billy out about skies to kim with had president dan. Let's get right into it. Let's start with the beautiful photo. The harry and meghan share to make their valentine's day announcement. the happy news comes just months after making revealed. Jim suffered a miscarriage in july. Now we also learned that harry and meghan her going to a sit down interview with the one and only oprah winfrey. It's going to air march seventh on cbs. I am thrilled about this. Sit down with the wall. I guess we'll get to see it all but it just. I'm excited about this. However what do you guys. Do you think this is going to be very telling or anything. Because their friends is going to be safe up. Think it's going to be telling a love. The queen is interviewing the. I think you know oprah's going to go into going to ask even though they're friends they're going to be you know. I'm sure they'll know the questions that are coming. She's not going to surprise them. But i think it's things that everyone wants to know and I think megan is going to tell the truth. They've already departed from the crown. So what am i. The only person that is terrified for this interview air. Yes which way well. Here's the thing. It's a ninety minute interview. Ninety minutes gives the world a lot of footage to dissect minute by minute minute and she just announced her pregnancy. I think we're so happy for her. She went through such a terrible loss. She shared that with us. And i feel like she's inviting negative energy into this space because at the end of the day this is a lose lose for them. And i'll tell you. Why if oprah asked them about will and kate or about megs it and they don't talk about it right then. We're all going to speculate if they do talk about it. That breaks all protocol that goes against the palace like there is no turning back after that moment so i am nervous because i just don't see the upside of this interview for them other than the fact that listen people want closure and you wanna get your truth out there and maybe that's what this is for meghan but i just want all the good things for them and i just want all the good energy and i don't want people to dissect this view and be mean to them. They've had enough and they have had enough but at the same time. I think they've got pretty thick skin at this point. They're used to that. I think that they can entrust oprah in the sense of how she's going to ask the question. It'd be delicate about it. That's why they're they're good friends. Riley your neighbors. You know all of those things. So i think you're right they're gonna do an interview. It could really hurt them either way. But i think it's okay with oprah oprah though is not going to get there still royalty even though they left the they're still not going to be there because they like don't like this off come on. It's gonna be very pc crew. Yeah everything's gonna be very safe. We're not gonna get this spill all like here's how i truly feel however it will probably the most open they've ever been because there is no pressure left. They're just putting the nail the conference. We're going to tell interview so you'll be there really done because i think and the queen put you on the most wanted list at the royal hundred percent. And here's what's at risk for harry. So he does have honorary military titles. Still they're saying that with his participation in this interview those will be stripped from him he along with all of the patronage is that are still left because new york santa clara son sort of agenda. There's something they're launching. There's something with net flicks. I mean when you get a interview. With oprah winfrey oprah has not been doing these interviews in a while so when she picks one person or person that we all want to. Everyone is what. I don't care if they say the abc's for ninety minutes we're all going to be like. Oh look she said yes only going to be watching it engaged in. It gives us an insight. Just that's why the crowd is so popular hundred percent. I don't think you're right. They're not going to say anything. That goes against the crown or give any family secrets away. But i think we will enjoy the interview and oprah will ask questions that will make them answer. You're going to have to answer oprah's not gonna just sit there now and just like she's a masterclass in an interview. Even you think you aren't going to answer. The question oprah will get it out of. There is no way that you can. I mean she's like a force. There's no way that you can resist. I've got the data said. Cbs is ready. I'm excited

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