Randomized Trial of C5a Receptor Inhibitor Avacopan Shows Promise in ANCA-Associated Vasculitis


C five a receptor inhibitor. Of copan is being studied for the treatment of anti neutral fill. Side of plasma antibody anca associated vascular itis in the advocate randomized trial. Three hundred thirty one patients with anca associated vascular litis were assigned to receive oral evacuate pan at dose of thirty milligrams twice daily or oral prednisone on a tapering schedule. All the patients received cyclophosphamide followed by as thia prynne or toxic. Map remission at week. Twenty six the first primary endpoint was observed in seventy two point. Three percent of patients receiving vacco pan and in seventy point one percent of patients receiving prednisone own sustained remission at week fifty. Two the second primary endpoint was observed in sixty five point. Seven percent of patients receiving vacco pen and in fifty four point. Nine percent of patients receiving prednisone serious adverse events excluding worsening vascular. Lettuce occurred in thirty seven point. Three percent of the patients receiving a vacuum pan and thirty nine percent of those receiving prednisone in this trial involving patients with anca associated vascular. Itis a vacco pen was non inferior but not superior to prednisone taper with respect to remission at week twenty six and was superior to prednisone taper with respect to sustain remission at week fifty two the safety and clinical effects of vacco pan beyond fifty. Two weeks were not addressed in the trial in an editorial kenneth warrington from mayo clinic. College of medicine and science rochester. Minnesota writes that. The advocate trial heralds a change in treatment of anca associated vascular lightest that was previously unthinkable. The possibility of inducing disease remission without glucocorticoid however all patients in this trial did receive a brief course of glucocorticoid during the screening phase or early in the trial. As press own was being tapered off and discontinued and also could receive glucocorticoid as rescue medication. An innovative aspect of the advocate trial was the use of a glucocorticoid toxicity index. That captures common glucocorticoid related. Toxic effects including change in body weight glucose tolerance blood pressure lipids myopathy neuro psychiatric features and infection

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