A highlight from #431: Sticky Mistakes


Find good amazing chilling enjoying your week month days as they blend into one as usual. Nothing much changes. I bet you. If i replayed the intro of cars from like what september and woods they probably will sound the saving. It may be varying levels. Maternity pre show has been the same old hamsa would months. So what's been going on with the boy this weekend not much really running over the weekend. That was pretty cool. A managed to gallup side. It's been difficult to do that so far by managed to get out and do some running. That was good. Get some fresh air my lungs and struggled to complete a eight to undermine a repeat. But you know we move by. Lula be improving Were what watching a few movies. What movie the loss which lost watch. I'll tinker tailor tinker tailor spy writing. Catella talk spy wherever that were book. Is that movie is based on the book by john lee. Call something right if you pass away very famous Spy novelist that was pretty. Good work. i finished the first half of night. Stalker of course on netflix. Recommend you check that out if you're in shoe nor big fan of syracuse documentaries. As much as i am and just you know free type stuff because it's very well put together very dramatic. I still have to finish your honor of data saved on my computer. I'm a bit about to watch hopefully will be should be. It was washes this weekend to complete that. Because i've seen the last episode of. Should this week to write. Its biggest ten episode series. But that's been what else I recently bought book. This this is see. of course. this is courtesy of a podcast court. How made my first million and recommend this how to be rich the distilled wisdom of one of britain's yourself mid entrepreneurs offer felix. Dennis this book a nafta. I think it's david. Late is similar to the four hour workweek. Bit wang key but the actual content of the book is a lopez. Natalia will minnesota so of like outlandish. you know Wealthy millionaire dude from the uk who basically has some very controversial also. Simple advice as to how you can live a quote unquote rich life. So i'm going to check that out because why if there is ever a bad time to learn how to get your money. This'll be this would be it and that's been about it really for the most part. It's just been that annoying again football. Football's away saving a day. Washburn weekend so of room lose to volkov So from yego franken get need interface An airliner not much. More to admiralty governor again. Football's been the best thing So yeah so this is your what what the day off the united one one nil at home against western in the fa cup a decent result offense considered But actually watching it. It was quite possibly one of the worst games foot. When i've ever watched i think Might be be dick. Excuse ready made one in terms of being look down right and there's just no fans the stadium it take something away from the game. Some free shore of these plays off the this whole period kind of come to a close and they can have some space from it. I'm shallow place was be saying it may be you know through Unverified sources or via leaks that they didn't enjoy playing an interstate. Gives one bit one bit whatsoever and i actually affected their level of performance and appreciative. Say da now maybe the teams that are very top. Probably don't have that excuse because you always fighting for his sights on fangio always competing for something essential your career and your bonuses will suffer very much depending on how you play right so if we don't finish your for said but it's just don't get triggered i'm son contractors don't get triggered Whatever may be. The club doesn't end up getting money to build on the squad. Loza things are kind of on the line when it comes to those of you know finishing places but maybe top six probably doesn't matter but i'm pretty sure it's definitely affecting the quality games. I'll put that aside just watching. United play in my team. It's just a very un especially now over that of like you know bruno bump into in counterattacking full without kind of blessing everybody out of the way or individual players who are playing on ten.

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