Fox News Media cancels highly rated 'Lou Dobbs Tonight'


Finally starting to see the consequences of lying for donald trump fox. Business has cancelled. Lou dobbs tonight. The show hosted by one of trump's most loyal media supporters in the weeks after trump lost the election. Lou dobbs repeatedly pedaled baseless and ridiculous theories of electoral fraud. Fox canceled the show. Just one day. After fox and lou dobbs became defendants at a defamation lawsuit seeking two point seven billion dollars in damages the lawsuit by the election technology companies. Smart matic also names as defendants to other trump favorite fox anchors. Maria barreda romo and janine pirro as well as trump lawyers rudy giuliani and sydney powell. Who lou dobbs had on as guests to lie about the election. The lawsuit argues that giuliani powell quote created a story about smart and fox news. Join giuliani and powell. In championing the disinformation campaign against smart matic. The lawsuit argues quote. The story of course did more than just make defendants money and smart maddox survival. The story undermine people's belief in democracy the story turned neighbor against neighbor. The story led a mob to attack the us

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