Interview With Dr. Dharius Daniels


Hello everybody welcome to another episode of checking in with michelle williams. This guests that we have He is a returning guest. The episode that we did was so fire that people requested him to come back and they were a little upset that i left them hanging so listen. Dr dairy is daniel's yep you guessed it that's who it is. Dr dairy is daniels pastor a cultural architect and a trendsetter for his generation. He's the author of several books. Including the author of relational intelligent. Please welcome back to my podcast. Dr dairies daniels was michelle up their body. Listen as you heard me. Say that The podcast that we did was incredible. I don't know if you've seen a few the instagram stories. People keep going back to dr areas daniels episode. And i'm like i did have other guys. Don't be making them feel like they. Podcast was boo boo. But this was incredible. Even to the point of producer. Saying we've got to get you back so thank you for coming back. I told you before you an incredible interview. You need a talk show and a podcast and everything else in between it's it's It amazed great connecting and You know i love what you're doing is a great podcast is necessary. It's relevant. I'm glad to be apart. Thank you and what you're doing is absolutely phenomenal. I definitely said that. He is a passer. But he is almost unlike any pastor that i know he's corporate but can get cherchi. He talks about relational intelligence from a romantic standpoint. In even for business and just other personal relationships he is multidimensional. You are so needed. And let latino you okay. So listen i just need you to accept it. You are the bomb dot com. It's okay is no. It's not being arrogant. You put the work in to be who you are. So that occurs receipts ladies and gentlemen. He has receipts. He has received google on a man a man. Now for those of y'all who didn't get to catch our first podcast dr daniels. Please tell us what relational intelligence is and how that works for a romantic relationship. While this is what i'm going to say are one. I'm going to say relational intelligence. While i give description of first thing gonna say is this is a life. Skill like relational intelligence isn't about doing relationships. Well relational intelligence is about doing life will. So here's mata y- it's hard. Now watch this. You can have a high standard of living. What are relational intelligence was emmy. You can get money. You can accomplish things professionally. You can acquire things materialistically so you can get clothes cars cribs and not be good relationships. You can have a high standard of living with our relational tells. You can't have what relational villages is. You can't have a high quality of life is a standard of living and quality of life is not the same thing so i want to listeners. To get attitude is really important now. Of course your standard of living affects your quality of life but young you can have the most. I don't know a whole lot about this but you can have whatever the top mattress is. Whatever the thread of the sheets. Are you have all of that in the crib and and not be able to get any sleek rolls out of bad. You got the standard of living the type of sleep you get asked the quality of life and so it's a life skill minister ability to just define align your relationships it best to have quality of life for the standard of living of quality of life. Okay s good quality of life. One hundred one hundred percent one hundred percent Like i mean. I know this is kind of your wheelhouse but even when you look at people who might be dealing with mental health challenges that situation all right so not not necessarily something. That is a part of their mental makeup or whatever but some situation and brought some things about you'll be amazed to see how many people like fall. A high income categories that the of with a lot of that and so the point that i'm making is. I'm not saying we should be poor. Like i'm not having gable poverty. But i am saying well relational is about. It's about it's about quality of life. Because i'm telling you your greatest is not just gonna come from the things you get is gonna come from the people you wit and you talk romance. We talking romantically. I think people underestimate this man. I really do yeah. That was my seat. Scooting bag bed did not come out of me by the way so if you all heard something romantically the super important right and i'm not the kind of person that says everybody needs to be in a relationship so all. I don't believe that my faith doesn't teach that some people might they teach that but i don't think that's consistent with with the fatal. Everybody have to be in our relationship. But i just feel like you need relational intelligence for romantic relationships just because you wanna keep putting your heart through. Chronic heartbreak stress pain unnecessarily like most of us. We two grown. We've got too many bills you know it's different when you're in college like oma heartbroken into bed. I can't go to class is another thing you got bills. I gotta go to work. Also you best kind of where where i am with

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