A highlight from 97 | Sci-Fi | A Closed and Common Orbit by Becky Chambers


Weirdo bookworm unite. We want to share our love of genre fiction with you. Some readers out there may look down on you for your love of horror sci fi fantasy but not us stop by as we discuss what we've been reading. Hey it sandra scott. We're your giambra. Junkies will come welcome. Welcome shoe a sci-fi episodes. It's been a while they see me. It has been. It has been too long since we've done a sci-fi episode not allowed not okay. It's been too long. And we decided to just plunge right ahead with the way fares book to buy becky chambers now. Of course these books are stand-alones. We have already reviewed the first one a long way to a small increase planet and this one is a closed and common orbit but again this. These are standards. It helps like this would be helpful if you read. The first one is just. Because i think you're going to be more invested in the characters. But she wrote this. She's writing this series as stand-alones i will say since is said in the same universe. There's minor spoilers from the first book. Yes so i mean i read them. If you're going to read them i would say. Read them in order. But it's not necessary and as we'll go into. This book is different than the first one. And so the first one didn't appeal to you for some reason. Just because you have no heart if you listen back and this was you know. This was on our end of the year. Best of list. I mean my gosh i just. I'm really excited to talk to you about this kinda synopsis. Is it in a moment here. But i thought maybe we should share some things with the people. Do you think all right. Let's let's let's share some things. So i think our collective thing we can recommend is wanda vision. Oh yeah we're we're loving. It were caught up so we're able to watch every week which is great. My expectations were not terribly high for the show so to say that it exceeded my expectations is not necessarily saying much. It is really good. It's one of my favorite marvel stories so far. My expectations were incredibly high Unfairly probably not. It's disney plus it's you and They have been met and dare. I say exceeded. I'm incredibly happy. I love these characters. I love these actors. I love the story. I think it's so smart. there's some i don't wanna say revisionist stuff happening but you know we're at the point now where you can go back and kind of tweak things and be like not quite a hard ret con. I think we can work with this. I have a loophole. I think i have a way here. And i think that's really really cool The other thing that i would recommend his have. I talked about thirty coins. You did i believe you. I'm still watching that so if you haven't you love some religious biblical horror. Get on thirty coins. It's a spanish show on. Hbo europe can watch on hbo. Max i watched a movie called peer for spooky slumber party. Holy smokes yes. It's a hulu into the dark Joint that they do and you can of course listened to that episode coming up soon so oh and i also read the midnight library which we're not going to review for this show but i read it on my own time and i was very impressed. That book has a lot of buzz around it. And i would say. Don't fall victim to an over hyping. But i really really did enjoy it. Well well my big thing was. I got to spend an hour with an oculus device. I don't know what the model is. And i i got to try the oculus. I mean back when it was infant. I mean really. Just one of the first first test models out it was a fetus. Innocuous and i was i was not super impressed. It was it was kind of a gimmicky. Fun little thing but it didn't really didn't really do anything for me and so i kind of just avoided the whole. Vr thing. ever. Since i let me tell however i was wrong to say that scott had a look of pure unadulterated. Joy is an understatement. It was like it's it's like stepping into another world and the controls the controllers are amazing. I it's you know you really have this kind of feeling of picking things up in the environment you can throw them around and you can you know there's a there's a as a gallery shooting game where you can.

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