A highlight from Alexander Salnikov - Rarible $RARI - Rethinking Digital Ownership

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Back to reimagine twenty twenty four. I'm rocha meraj car one of your host for this event and you know going on halloween themed. That's why i'm dressed like this on the astra. I'm trying to go to the moon. Very excited to be joined here by the co founder of variable alexander sound dickov a alexander. Thank you so much for joining me here today. And you know there's been a lot of excitement around and if t is in the past month even more so than the preceding month so just want to ask you you houses virtual time been for you and your team. What are you all been working on. And then we can sort of get into knowing you and your story awesome. Thank you for the virginity. I'm happy to be here. I don't have a halloween out. Thieves For the last month is the same for me l. aware of the company. You sure ever a getting out yet. My work schedule. These two bus- months is like from tans. Am to ten pm everyday. And it's crazy but managed to be cool with I have from five hundred calls a day and sometimes to work on stuff to experiments to innovate in my mind. Yeah well i'm not complaining. Definitely i enjoy the so much. It's it's it's beautiful time to be an yeah. I think. I mean that's how it is for a lot of people in the crypto blockchain. Space like crypto is twenty four seven. We got sleep for some portion of it but for the most part you wake up and there's a hundred different updates. Yeah i think railroad is really exciting new platform where you can create a lot of. Nafta's non fungible tokens and. I think there's a lot of new exciting developments recently but before we get into that. I kind of want to know you know. Where did you come up with this idea. How long have you been working. In the crypto space and. Yeah how. Where did this all start because i think right now we see the end result or the progression of what's happening. I'm sure you you didn't just pop up with this idea or maybe you did. I'm not sure while it's long story. I'll start from Wild project during my first year of allegation the university. I'm a technical grossing by the way Sense and the after twenty thousand people just like visited the backside that creates In a day. I decided that i probably to build something. And then a switch to the building products and on my passion back into southern twelve. It was creepy to aids. It promised made a whole new world of like self sovereignty. Though i'm a technical person. I know that i have this digital signage. Ns if i will be able to to sign the drums action i will always be in the custody of this funds on. This is the powerful idea. I believe a behind we all the all the cryptic community gather. That's important than still gathering here. So it seems that have been building. will build trading and simple all trump and on rom for Locally here than we moved to the centralized exchange a lot of mathematics from scratch all grades. grades experience where quired de talented team. Entities was just this last summer with thoughts Again into southern seventeen. We was my team. Merging your Twenty platform.

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