A highlight from Preparing for Valentine's Day


Good morning good afternoon. Good evening wherever you find yourself in this entire world. I welcome you. So how are you doing today. My friend my warrior. I certainly hope this week has been a little bit better for you. I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge our newest country. Romania someone in romania is enjoying our podcast now and we'd like to welcome them. So thank you for coming on board next. I'd like to express my thanks again for everyone. Who's coming to visit the merrimack store. I appreciate your time and attention and that you've taken some time to order some products and that means so much to me. I'd also like to tell you about this wonderful mug that we have a coffee mug or maybe even for t. It's one of my favorite products at the store. It has a beautiful purple heart on both sides with the smaller golden heart signifying the little children that the larger hearts are looking after we call it our heart of gold mug. It comes in both eleven and fifteen ounce and. I think you'll really love it. It's beautiful so. I hope you'll make a few orders for yourself and for others and thank you for listening to that so today. I wanted to take some time to talk about valentine's day. At first i wasn't aware the valentine's day was celebrated in so many places around the world in addition to the usa. I found out. The valentine's day is celebrated in canada or stralia denmark austria spain greece britain japan france scotland brazil germany iceland italy india china africa singapore chile and even in mexico. I think that's amazing. A lotta love to go around to everyone. Valentine's day symbolizes love and hope for the future. But sometimes we've lost someone special. It can be difficult to enjoy this day. And this is thoroughly understandable. It might be the loss of a boyfriend or girlfriend fiancee or other significant person in your life. Who has left you way too soon. Maybe you live together. Maybe not you spend so much time getting to know them and the loss of your sweetheart. Your honey is so deep. If you're grieving the death of a spouse whether you were with them for a few years or decades holidays especially valentine's day can be quite a nerve ing. You celebrated so many together and appreciated all the kindness care gifts and love that. This day symbolizes every day. Life after losing your spouse or sweetheart can be quite difficult but handling holidays. Such as valentine's day makes life even more difficult. We start to see the advertisements on television for roses and jewelry and heart shaped boxes of chocolates weeks before this day restaurants feature special dinners for two on that evening and when you were paired with someone you love chant sir. Good that these ads didn't affect you. But they do now the anticipation of a significant holiday or date such as the anniversary of your loved. One step or their birthday can bring many emotions that you might not have expected but please know that they are natural and normal most of us feel such intensity around holidays because we are sad that we can no longer enjoy the closeness experiences and the love we once shared with our honey. Some of us also are angry that they died before us others of us struggle with the unfairness to the point of cloistering ourselves and in effort to never be hurt again. But there comes a time when we consciously except that we are still alive and if we were supposed to go first then we would have and since this is the way things have turned out why not live life to the fullest. When that turn in thinking eventually arrives gloriously. Begin a guilt free new life whereby you take a long deep breath and with a loving kiss planted on their picture. You decide to consider new adventures. It doesn't mean you won't miss them. It doesn't mean you will not honor their memory for your children's sake. It only means that you are now beginning a new and perhaps a somewhat scary life where the unknown weights as you remember someone who is no longer with you today. Try to remember the special valentines days that you did get to share together. Try to remember the happiest moments instead of dwelling on their absence. Try to dig in and think of all the little things that you made special with them. The funny notes the chocolates. Maybe the gifts and definitely the laughter. Yes to may not be like other valentines days that you had in the past yet. You can try to do something special for yourself now. Could it be a lovely bubble bath a special meal a new pair of soft slippers. Hide coco and maybe a movie to move your mind toward hopeful things you wish to experience in create so in valentine's day find the right thing that will make you happy

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