President Biden willing to compromise on relief benefits qualifications


And Democrats in Congress are moving forward with Mork Oh VID relief legislation. Fox News correspondent Mark MEREDITH reports from Wilmington, Delaware. President Biden Counting on House and Senate Democrats to pass is $1.9 trillion stimulus package. Republicans want the president to rein in spending, but the president made it clear that he's willing to go this on a party line vote if necessary to find a few priorities like the $1400 round of stimulus checks that he wants to see go out more money for food assistance. Programs, as well as the extending those enhanced federal unemployment benefits the president making his case directly in a speech, other snake that things are getting better, we can afford to sit back. Neither do little or do nothing at all. That's not what I see. This week, A group of Senate Republicans told the president that they're willing to work with him on a stimulus package. But now some of those same senators say they're being left out of these ongoing negotiations. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the House will go over the specifics of the covert relief bill Monday. The National

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