The Passing Shot 2021 Crowdfund Appeal - update, how to donate, 2021 pod news, Merry Christmas!


Just want to say thank you to everyone who has donated to. Our crowd. Fund appeal for the passing shot folder. Twenty twenty one season we put it live at the end of the two thousand twenty season. And we've been really really thankful and really really appreciate all the contributions that our listeners have made to the crowd fund to safe out we've so far raised three hundred forty pounds on the myself came over the moon about that. It's gonna go so far with helping us at the show together next season. We want it to be big boda better and we're really excited. The listeners are now contributing to us and helping and helping the show next year. Because we're really excited about what we what we're able to deliver. Yeah so massive. Thank you ever everyone. He has contributed safer. It's still going joel. Isn't it until the tenth of january. I believe so if you haven't yet donated. There's still plenty of times to that over christmas in the new year. We are aiming for five hundred pounds. Say we still go up to go to reach our target. Which would be fantastic if we could reach a much appreciate and as we said before there's lots of different options different kind of day. Nation points and prizes such legs eddie. Take a look. I'll pages all up by on social media and we do have a few possibly for the eight. And i think that's going to be probably it on our next in in the star of the new year. They'll be few changes for the better. I know very excited. Yeah we as i said. We're we're looking to make a bigger imboden passing shot. Next season is already in the works. We're gonna we're gonna. We're gonna tease a little bit. But you'll you'll say what we're talking about in the new year so we're already kind of excited for that and i hate you. Guys will be excited to see that as well But as kim said we all looking to raise five hundred pounds we are at three and forty pounds so we would really appreciate if you if you are able to contribute to the passing show. I know kind of times kind of tough at the moment particularly around christmas particularly with this never ending this never ending pandemic but we would really appreciate it. The link to the crowdfunding page will be in our description. Or if you just want to go. Google and type in crowd funder the passing shot twenty twenty one It will also come but we'll make sure to put the link in the description just wanted to share an update on that about where we're at where we're going. We're excited about it and yet we'll be back. We'll be back in. The new year will be doing. I poke costs started jan. We'd be the atp wj. Schedules are all they came. We've been we've been talking about where we're going to be doing the doing the pods in in jan may. Yeah we will be back with all are catch. Ups r. previews as well and Yeah before probably before the fifth of jan is going to be on a first one previewing the twenty twenty one season. Yeah so until we speak to you again in the a we just want to say we hate. Everyone has a very merry christmas. If you'll celebrating and nice scene and happy new year obviously within the current climate is. We're going to be a bit different and more difficult this year to to have the usual christmas so wherever you are and whatever you're doing able to help you have a nice festive periods and i look forward to Well i look forward to poaching again in the in the old and getting back into tennis because we've had a been a month no where since aziz in in yeah i'm really looking forward to getting underway again by flicking four to give a kind of things. Particularly did is one of the things. I'll be looking forward to the schedules out. We've got these mini batter. The brits as well to kind of look forward to say at least as ted this on the agenda to To keep us to keep us going but some we'll be back in the new year if you can please donate to our crowdfunding appeal. We really appreciate it. Link will be in the description of a wise having a christmas and we'll see in the new year curated by kohl's latest collection is now available in select stores and it kohls dot com

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