Houston Texans fine QB Deshaun Watson, teammates for NFL COVID-19 protocol violations


Texans are hit with fines over a star Players restaurant grand opening Houston Texans quarterback to Shawn Watson find $7500 Some of his teammates 5000 each per violations of the NFL's Coben protocols regarding social gatherings. Watson and multiple Texans players were photographed at the opening of the Cubes restaurant franchise earlier this month, more than the three players permitted by league guidelines. Watson firing back over the investigation, noting he and his teammates were on Lee Mask was briefly for a photo while noting he is covering the sad for his teammates, including Brandon Cooks and Laramie. Council. I was just with those guys every 30 minutes ago. But, you know, I told those guys, I'm gonna take care of it so they don't have to worry about it. Not Napolitano. Fox News. Texas Business

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