Episode 43: If They'd Just Listen


And i wanna give. I think actually chelsea on it was a tweet that you would retreat it. That made me want to have this conversation. You re tweeted something. I believe about young activists of color getting pushed out of spaces and then white Activists sort of taking that space. And we've seen that a lot was sort of like indigenous. Black and brown bodies. Young activists getting pushed out of the climate change conversation. But i think we certainly see it in gun violence as well and so i was like we have these fabulous team enough members and i think maybe you actually even retweeted to allay now stock your twitter and so i was like we gotta talk to y'all about that for me personally. That's been my entire journey in this movement coming from parkland in douglas. It did spark the national conversation to happen again but we did clearly see a disconnect between black and brown students that survived the shooting at my school and the white students. And i think it's important that we hold people accountable including the media because media made it an effort to give just those students alone a platform and then some of those students you know. Did it make an effort to include other students of color from our school into their organization or their platforms. So that's been my entire journey here in this movement is just trying to push my voice and not only my voice but those that look like me and sharing my platform that i gained on my own with those. That don't have the opportunity. Yeah i would add on that. I got involved activism before like pre march for live pre that national youth movement at. I lost my aunt to gun violence. And so there wasn't really ever a space for like my peers in milwaukee. We didn't have a space. No one's like really listening and then when the walkouts happened in like march twenty eighteen for the parkland shooting it was like. Oh my gosh. All this stuff is happening. But we had to kind of capitalize off of another shouldn't happen in like another community and go to listen to us and like that doesn't feel good like that like these things are very tragic Use this other very tragic thing. So people listen to what happened in like milwaukee students at my high school so it was. It was like a little frustrating. That like the souls. Okay now this happen and then we have to kind of use. This for our benefit doesn't feel good cause enormous Does one listened to

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