Disney Plus Launches Star, A Streaming Outlet With More Grown-Up Fare


Knew that star was launching february twenty third which recording this yesterday. I am in canada. So i have access to it along with australia. New zealand parts of europe in singapore. So a few countries have this new section on their disney plus app. And it's a big deal. It's a big deal for me. Because we get all the wes anderson movies. It's a big deal for some other people because they get like twenty four and richard devine from window. Central is tweeting about how much she loves. Twenty four and jack bowers back baby and all that so. I just wanted to talk about where we are in terms of streaming. I know disney or marvel disney made a big bunch of big announcement this morning On when the next set of mcu in star wars shows will be released on disney plus. And then there's all the other services right. There's hbo max there's peacock there's discovery plus there's Paramount plus. I guess if you want to call that new and all this leads to confusion for people who just want to find the show to watch. So let's start with disney. They now have ninety five million subscribers. They are doing really really well. In terms of expansion into new countries. This new star lodge is a big deal so give us the t. l. Dr if you will of why star launched now and why. It's a big deal for people outside the us lawyers. It's always the lawyers. Yeah i say why did it launch now because this is when they could finally agree on. Okay here's where the contracts in so we can pick things up. Yeah the the. The really oversimplified version is this in the united states. We have hulu and hulu has basically everything. That's not under the five pillars of disney plus in those disney star. Wars marvel pixar in national geographic. Anything outside of that. you what. You're forgetting well. I was gonna say you're forgetting the pillar of twentieth century fox and twentieth century fox which is on hulu so so virtually anything outside of those five pillars in the. Us will find on hulu yes. They're exceptions the problem is hulu is not anywhere in the rest of the world. It's a decidedly american phenomenon and so disney needed a way to get all this content to everybody else in pay by the way they get to charge a little more for it too and that became star the way they first announced it they do it. What other earnings calls last year It was a little like just weird. I didn't even fully understand it at the time and it took a little while to sink in and then the developer not developer days there investor days into simmer november december whenever that was explained. It a little better really. It's just that simple if it's if it's content you can probably find on hulu here in the us it's going to be on star everywhere else. So given that disney twentieth century fox. They bought a. They bought that from fox which was previously a shareholder in hulu disney is now the majority shareholder of hulu. Why can't they just bring hulu to the rest of the world. What is that. I mean i don't know the brand well who owns. Who is the issue there although disney now entirely owns who if i correct right they finish tying their last pieces of hulu like two years ago for for all intents and purposes and there might be somebody with a little sliver but it it's a disney joint partially owned by comcast but they're buying it slowly over the next few years right. Yeah that was an agreement that was made a couple of years ago but But that's why comcast is okay. All of our stuff is leaving hulu at this date because we will no longer have a share in it and it's all going to peacock But yeah the reason that who didn't exist in all these other countries was media streaming lauzon like entertainment and streaming laws vary by country by country. It takes a lot of money to get the rights to a decent amount of shows in places other than the us so it was a matter of hulu. Didn't really have the time or the or the money to spend on investing in trying to build up a catalog and other countries the only other country that hulu is in outside of the united states is japan. And i'm not sure how much longer is going to be there since they're probably going to roll it into star but it's disney had the clout to roll around the disney also already had rights to a lot of these things or the released they in contracts and have the rights back right so it's just easier to bring a new sub domain umbrella underneath disney plus put all the twentieth century fox content in there called star and make it a separate kind of expansion for everybody who already has disney plus. All star is disney. Plus for grownups. It's harder to always you know proper phones not anymore. But that's a. That's a good analogy. Yeah all right. So we we have star. It's got all the twentieth century fox stuff. I think it's got more than that. That's also where a lot of like. Abc television stuff ended up. It's also where a bunch of other like indie stuff that disney and fox had bought up over the years. Anything fox searchlight his ended up in there. That's why it's it's a huge a collection of content. I'm amazed that they were able to get the international rights for those together quickly. Enough for star for the international launches. So the question. I have is is disney. Plus going to host new content in star is that is this where they're going to compete with netflix and hbo for adult viewership or are they still kind of not really aiming at that audience. No actually. I think you've got that right in. It's going to get a little weird because contents can vary by country but you can see that a little bit in the in the Release lists you get you get stuff that is decidedly more adult in there and and part of that is just from the content. That's coming out of those houses in the first place. If you look at specifically fx stuff here it's called fx. Hulu it is it is. I don't know that. I'd go so far as to say it's r rated but it's pretty damn close. Fx is yeah fx is definitely not child-friendly content like ninety percent of it like isn't fx. Were archer lives yeah. Fx is is archer archer archers ethics original sort of But yeah we look at the. The new exclusive stuff like fx on hulu like depths. Was one. I loved last year. I thought it was excellent right up until the end and it went. A little off the rails. Mrs america was on there as well. I mean there's stuff that the you wouldn't even otherwise necessarily see on cable but that they're streaming in that fashion. lets them. do you know just a little more than they. otherwise would have And it's not something that you would see on disney plus so this gives them another conduit for that stuff as well. Yeah and the brand new original content is also going. It's going to vary by the audience category. 'cause like anything that's marvel or star wars is not going to be listed under the star brand period. If it belongs to one of those temples it's still going to be disney plus branded and everything starts going to have the both labels at the bottom whenever they're advertising it but it's a matter of if we're going to do original series if it's pg or if it's pg thirteen below it'll probably be disney plus branded and if it's not pg thirteen disney and pg thirteen and up will probably be star

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