Scott Disick Says He'd Marry Ex Kourtney Kardashian

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Daily is their car. Dashing wedding in our future today on daily pop scott says he is ready to marry. Courtney check this out courtney and scott so when he was going to get back together we just have like a courtney scott wedding that would be at my guy proposed. I love you. And i'm ready to marry you right here right now. Courtney knows that eventually we'll get married live a good life when what else. You're kidding my sister. My sister this is why baby fighting. Like if i corden. Kim because you know what my sister does this too. She knows everything. I tell everything. She will wait before the perfect moment to bring something like this up in. Make it awkward for everybody at the table. And it's like come on. We just talked about this two days ago. But i do feel like there's something to that because he didn't use the word benchley say now by what may seventy who knows but he knows there's a connection. They have three kids together. He's like we're going to go through all this. I'm a date emily. You trams we go come together later in life. That's what he meant see. Men are very tricky with their words. Yeah i mean. I do think they have this. Of course huge connection and a great love between them. But i truly feel like coordinate has mentally close that door i mean i think she likes attention from sky and you'll always appreciate the flirts that he does. She will always probably the back of her head thankless that she is the number one choice for him but i think she would never actually marry him. I agree with you and sometimes it's hard for people to understand and to realize that maybe you will never be the person that you're love need you to be and sometimes you gotta take yourself off the hamster wheel because women aren't gonna straight up. Tell you hey. I don't want to be with you. This is never going to happen. Go let us follow. You like puppy dogs for the rest of our lives and give us a false hope. I hope so. I hope that one day he takes himself out of the race. No he's in a relationship prior now. Hamlin so i call her hamlet. That was absolutely agree. Both blue there. He said eventually they're going to get married. She eventually he's like we're gonna go through. All i think the benchley in life it might be later on and she loves him and they have the accused always come. Family loves them and their understand family pushes you together. But i feel like he is saying. Hey after we played the field and had a good time. We're gonna be together.

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