Best offer for J.J. Watt is between $15-$16 million per year


After days of cryptic JJ Watt sweets, we finally have a real piece of newsworthy information. ESPN is dangerous. Seanie reporting this morning that JJ Watt has received several offers from teens. The best offers sitting on the table right now is between 15 and $16 million per year per her sources. We don't know which team offered That deal. It remains to be seen Pro football talk Sharee Williams says JJ might be willing to take a little bit less money from a contender to go elsewhere. Maybe he gives some team discount that he really wants to go to if he wants to win a Super Bowl there plenty of teams out there that are interesting. JJ Watt and JK will what will have his choice of several of those teams because we've heard the Titans around on Lee ones who publicly Admitted that they have interest in JJ Watt. But we've heard all the other teams out there who reportedly have interest in JJ Watt, and there's a number of them that he can pick to go to, and you'll help him. We will see if that discounted team turns out to be Green Bay, but no signing yet as of 8 15 on February the

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