Snow, severe weather and flood threats across the Eastern US


Now to the severe weather threat at this hour february ending with a tornado. Watch in flood alerts for parts of the country. Murray kentucky underwater here cars and major roads submerge. The national weather service warning of life threatening flooding in the area at same weather system bringing severe weather from the gulf coast to the tennessee valley this evening. So let's get to. Abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano and robbed. Walk us through the start of the week. Well it today storm. There are a lot more dynamic as far as the windsor concerns. hence the tornado. Watch and it's not small. Take a look at includes a little. Rock memphis nashville. That's in effect until ten o'clock tonight news. We'll have some heavy rain within so flood watches. Extend all the way into west virginia with kentucky being the bull's eye of that storm front will be drifting down to the south and east as it does so that's where the strongest storms will fire wind damage possible hail certainly the threat for tornadoes. Tomorrow weakens but a lot of rain from eastern texas all the way through new york city but the bulls eye once again tennessee and kentucky. Those areas already tv three to four inches. They can't take any anymore rain. What millions impacted our. I rob thank you.

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