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News today, the race to vaccinate the country continues with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine now being distributed won approval from the FDA over the weekend. First won t roll off production lines and not go immediately to hospitals or nursing homes. We have those populations pretty much covered. This is the one that's going to pharmacies to mass vaccination sites. This is going to go to you know, the 65 plus crowd and the people with co morbidity ease. So it's more of Ah, you know the vaccine that will help expand the supply that we already have. Correspondent and clarity. There is some concern because of the effectiveness of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. It's an 86% compared with Visor and Moderna, which were in the nineties. But Dr Anthony Fauci tells ABC is this week. It's not in theory if I were not vaccinated, and I was going to go into a clinic, and they said, Hey, we have J and J now or you can wait three weeks or so. Get another one. I would take the one that is available to me. Now. Eligibility for the vaccine continues to expand as well. Beginning today, a new group in Connecticut

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