Drew Barrymore Said Her Mother Placed Her In A Psychiatric Ward At 13 And Spoke About How It Affected Their Relationship


Barrymore opening up about being placed in a psychiatric ward at age of thirteen by her mom. She told howard stern in an interview this week that she was going to clubs not going to school stealing. Her mom's car was just out of control. Thirteen years old. Your father mother. We're just not there for you. And i thought about britney spears documentary. I have so much empathy towards so many people. Paris hilton came on the show and she had been institutionalized by her mom. And you know you think. Like britney and paris. And i've thought it for myself. I'm sure that people look on and think these party girls. These privileges says how dare they have feelings about any of this. They've put themselves up out there. They've asked for this. It's fair game. And i just go there. Humans they're just humid. Stayed in that psychiatric ward for about eighteen months. And she said after thirty years of therapy and soul-searching she finally learned to forgive her mom for doing that or my mom. Put me in a place that was like a full psychiatric word. I used to laugh at those like malibu thirty day places. They talk about things that pissed me off. I was just like a a little spa vacation for thirty days. Like in malibu was sort of the opposite of the experience. I had i was in a place for a year and a half called. Van is psychiatric. And you couldn't mess around in there and if you did you would get thrown either in thought padded room or get stretcher strains and tied up. Why were you so bad that you had in padded room. I grab you know with like the go. Go's and wendy williams and blondie and all these like bad ass chicks and i just would like you know channel my inner riot girl and i you know some days. It was really funny. I would rile up all the girls. And i'd be like listen to these people. Don't care about you.

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