The people who caused the climate crisis aren't the ones who will solve it

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We don't just have a climate crisis. We have a climate leadership prices. We've acted as though an environmental crisis created by corporate and government elites can now somehow be solved by these same corporate and government elites people on the frontlines the people most impacted by wildfires pollution. Rising sea levels have no other role but to suffer censoring. The leadership of these communities in leading us out of this crisis isn't only the just thing to do. It is the most important thing that we can do to actually solve this crisis because people when they take anymore they rise up and they lead us to a better future. Desperate times lead to creative and just solutions by those most impacted. I know that from experience because like so many other low income families searching for livelihoods when my mother brother. I emigrated from colombia. We made our homes alongside landfills incinerators oil refineries power plants and waste treatment plants in neighborhoods that serve as the sacrifice zones to fuel the economy of this nation and oftentimes the world in the seventies in southwest detroit. We live in the shadow of the marathon oil refinery and in the eighties in queens new york we played handball in vacant contaminant. Lots unknowingly breathing in dangerously high levels of sulfur dioxide from power plants nearby in the. Us if you're poor and your indigenous black middle eastern pacific islander asian or latin necks you most often than not live play pray and work in a sacrifice on. I'm saying this because i've been assaulted by. Pollution violence my whole life. And although i've been on the front lines as a climate justice leader for twenty years. I've been envisioning solutions to the environmental crisis. Since i was a kid dreaming up a better world for people like me. People in sacrifice owns that are also leading adjust transition away from this extractive model of development to one feels just for all of us in the name of climate justice so what is climate justice. It's simple if climate change was created by ecconomic and racial injustice than effective solutions to the climate crisis have to include economic and racial justice climate justice centers. The struggle the solutions of those on the frontlines of the crisis communities who have been under resourced and played by everything from police violence racism struggling schools and so much more these same communities have been historically and disproportionately exposed and subjected to pollution and contamination from industry these are the workers who are essential but treated expendable by big corporations corporations and this wildly unjust economic system in which we live in front line communities. Aren't the people whose homes on the beach are being threatened by rosia in their communities and families whose homes are already underwater children already camry from asthma and neighbors who are ready drinking polluted water poisoned water in the midst of a global pandemic multiple uprisings for racial justice democracy and record wildfires droughts storms. It's time we finally realized that we can't fix injustice with more injustice. I'll go so far as to say that frontline communities are the only ones that can get us of this crisis and in fact they already are and there's so many great examples but to give just one in washington state. A rural farming community

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