Ted Cruz's Post-Cancun Photo Op in Texas


Texas a week after the state was battered by wind. Storms that took out the power grid. Nearly nine million. People still don't have clean water but don't worry. Help is on the way after getting blasted for flying to cancun when his own heat twins off. Ted cruz texas. Senator and disney prince before true. Love's kiss is now back in his home state doing literal minimum for the sake of the cameras. Ted cruz appeared back in front of the cameras now. He spent the weekend helping houston residents and first responders sir barbecue to firefighters and police officers also delivered safe drinking water to folks who need it. Sorry crews this is not gonna cut it. My man see this right here. This is the politician version of coming home with flowers. The day after valentine's day is not nothing. But you'll ask still sleeping on the couch and honestly i don't know why politicians try to pull off these. Lame photo ops. They basically just turn people who actually need real help into political props and they're photographer's probably just made worse. Yes yes that's fabulous dollar. Yes yes if more more like you don't have any food or water. But i don't have any food. Use that yes. He missed

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