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Of dogs named almost os after the great author. Who died just over two years ago and arguably nothing captures the spirit of this city. We love so well. Tel a city that while rarely dogmatic is always dog. Philip people call it puppy love. But i say it's the real thing a city that is always up both to give in to get a good scratching behind the ears a city that always welcomes warmly. Your luna's and your lola's your show goes and your simba's and even your almost osas who's a good city who's a city we are right. We are and with us in. The city is a woman whose hometown of rana has six thousand and eighty one dogs or one for every twelve and a half people in the city. I refer of course who alison kaplan. Summer allison is written for politico. The new republic foreign policy the jerusalem post the jt the forward and many other of your very best papers and magazines. She is a columnist for her are s. You have heard on. Npr pri and the bbc and you have seen on. I twenty four television and al jazeera tv. She holds a world center award for journalism. Recognizing excellence and reported any. Simon rocked our award for excellence and covering zionism ali and israel. Alison how you doing. I'm good. I am known in my friend circles as being I dunno dog hostile but dog resistant. I'm a little dog hostile now. 'cause my next door neighbors have to really barky dogs and constantly hearing them all day in you know when we're stuck in the house and i have to work i don't think of hearing them barking but but yeah a lot of my friends say like baby substitutes when the kids get older you want something to take care of. And i'm like. I cleaned up a nighttime. I don't have to keep doing it but the name thing is interesting should get analyzed. Why people name their dogs foreign No there's not so many like local hebrew sounding names in june. Yeah a lot of jews. I know in america. Give their dogs names like or you know very jewish name so there's a back and forth a doctoral dissertation in the center about those people with the dogs. I used to wonder like why. Can't people just take care of their dogs. Just train them. Until i got a dog. That will not shut up myself. Now i i people a little bit better though. I i also understand you also with us back in the lv one studios after weeks of pandemic exile is a man without whose compatriot yankee his home town. Of course abba would have only eight thousand eight hundred and seven dogs instead of the nearly pal andro mic. Eight thousand eight hundred eight pups it has. Today i speak of course of john fetterman. Who is the director of the mariah fund in israel and the director of the israel center for educational innovation. He is also the author of a new podcast of one man. Stage blazed called fetterman one man. Show don how you doing. Well you know I about the dog. Yankee is actually on the car saba. Ccc canine chamber of commerce so we are big believers. That is the dog. Friendliest place in the country. But secondly i haven't been in the studio and months and months and months. And i just love what you did with us. I mean the swimming pool. This is really impressive. We thought we would take the time. The pandemic just make a few improvements around here. And what was the cash flowing in. I need to ask. Is it yankee. Like ju yancula or is it yankee. Like i'm from american a yankee yankees. That's the new york yankees. It's because it's the only name. All three of our kids get agree on. Our daughter kept giving the dog. Very early Sweet little names and our boys kept exploding. Every time she gave a new name so finally we had a family conference and decided. We could all accept yankee. but he's not janka. Yeah could be very benign brac yankees as for me. My name is oh f- renato mean to boast. But i ran into someone. I know from the neighborhood while walking the dog whom i've just mentioned and she said oh i see you've decided not to train your dog and this was after lucy had been through three trainers and a lot of people i think flaunt the training. They give their dogs by having their dogs. Ostentatiously not jump on. people were flashing. Come when they're called or for that matter pay any attention whatsoever when they're called and i'm not bragging that's not the way that my parents taught me but you will not find me doing those things or at least not lucy this week. We have three topics of very intimidating importance. But first we have another matter in memoriam. When rutan was buried this sunday at the old cemetery moshav not allow between her son udi and her son osce a few meters from her ex husband. General and minister moshe dayan among the wreaths that were laid upon her grave was one from suruga and zoa arafat. The widow and daughter of yasser arafat the founder of the plo in the first head of the palestinian authority. It was a ring of pink carnations around by a ring of white carnations. Bisected by a ribbon reading in english. We will miss you so much. Route are ut root root. Diane's niece mikhail. Vitamin unfolded a paper from an island sleeve at the mike and started. My mother. houma roots little sister sent these words of goodbye route. My dear sister you are a mother and a sister to me and quote and it goes on from there room. A whitesman was israel's first lady from nineteen ninety three to two thousand her husband. Vitamin was president. Rutan's grandson the author and columnist screenwriter and television. Let nine personality lured. Diane came to the microphone and said when he lived with his grandmother for year sobering up from an addiction to ritalin estranged from his father and his mother one morning he came down to find root in the kitchen listening to the news and there were telephones and hubbub. Leon went on. A thermometer imploded. A yesh years deem i asked south. What's up and she said. Look there are kids from the palestinian authority. Who have never seen the sea. And i have to have to help them see the see by that same evening. She'd already arranged passage and the next morning. Several buses came from the authority filled with eleven year. Olds who had never seen the sea a while later. I myself had a kid and when people don't have kids ask me. What's the difference between having a kid. And not i asked them. Hey have you ever had a chance to show someone the see for the first time to introduce them to the sea and in that way safa introduced the c to so many children who had no way of knowing the sea and quote. It is no surprise that when they buried rutan this blustery past sunday in the nile. Al cemetery the eulogies came one after another from first. Ladies and members of knesset administers and famous historians and writers and people we see on our sets in our living room every night route. Diane was part of something close to royalty as we have got in israel when director not made a documentary about her clan last year. She called it. Diane the first family. And it's obvious he was thinking about the kennedys at the heart of it was routes husband and since nineteen seventy one ex husband. Moshe they on who was for the seventeen years that divided the sinai campaign from the keyboard. War almost certainly the most famous. And probably the most admired jew in the world but in fact it was rutan who came from the brahmin zionist jerusalem. Family her father feet schwartz. A founder of the labor party and of the hebrew university law school graduate of the london school of economics and one of the most sought after attorneys in jerusalem. Route was the second graduate of the hebrew gymnasium in the beharin jerusalem. The i was the violinist and conductor yehudi menuhin. It was a rebellion. When route said at seventeen that she was moving to not allow to learn farming. A first step towards starting kibbutz somewhere. It was in the now allow cowshed day on where the two fell in love. Root down live for seventy six years after marrying moshe dayan when she was eighteen and he was twenty she lived until a month before her hundred and four th birthday and in that time she was always doing something she lived so much that now that she has died there is no hope of capturing her life in a few hundred words aside from saying that she was the first wife of moshe von obituaries. That have come out around the world. Mostly say one of two truths things that she left her mark on fashion and that she was a peace activist fashion because in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine rutan was working in absorption camps near jerusalem and she saw among the few possessions at the immigrants who had come with just what they could stuff into one or two bags she saw among that stuff gorgeous and intricate jewelry and weaves and lace and other finery from yemen then from iraq and route decided to somehow turn these things into an industry into what would be also an israeli style in which the middle east would meet europe and pulling strings with people she knew in the government and she knew everyone in the government. Her husband was by then. The idea of chief of staff pulling strings with golden era and with teddy kollek with others. She opened mesquite in nineteen fifty four a craft and fashion house and it was a great success. Employing immigrant crafts women and men and artists in creating what became known around the world as the israeli style. Close with simple lines embroidered under the neckline. The style of which my own susan was wearing. I think when i met her in one thousand nine sixty seven just days after israel captured gaza. Rutan drove by herself in a jeep into gaza city. Where her husband. Who has overseen the six day war as minister of the fence was feared and reviled but she came alone to look for carpets caftans and for the craftsmen and women who made them to sign them up to make product for mosquitoes. Something that would help them. She said and help heal wounds between palestinians and jews wounds. That were just then fresh though. They've remained fresh ever since which is how at first she became known as a peace activist. But that was just the beginning in one thousand nine hundred ninety route joined a group called breed bench shem seeking to bring together palestinians and jews. Not long after that. She went on a tour of bedouin. Villages with orient nary the editor of a radical left tabloid name tau eliza that week from week viciously attacked her husband moshe and hinted broadly at his infidelities. Moshe dayan as a government minister had to answer in the knesset a formal inquiry about his wife's radical leftist activities consorting with enemies of the government. Though two years later the couple in any case divorced after thirty seven years of marriage moshe in love with another woman after hundreds of trusts affairs in one thousand nine hundred seven route with of neri while he'd had yakutia louvre elliott and ran cohen started a far left jewish arab party called shelly that won two seats. In the knesset. After that route was an activist in anti-occupation groups like the hd and tell him as an honorific she was on every list for the knesset that the merits party ever ram somewhere between the one hundred and one hundred twentieth spot. The elections next month will be the first in over forty years when route. Diane is not an official candidate. I met briefly maybe ten years ago. Her daughter yeah l. Introduced us and her language was precise and hurwitz. Were sharp and he was funny and she was so charming but she confused me and she has always confused me. She used to tell a story that happened sometime. In the late nineteen fifties. I think our early nineteen sixties. Anyway when moshe dayan was a war hero at the height of his popularity she said quote we were eating with some baron who had a zoo and at dinner yet l. said to me from across the table. Ema do you wanna lion. And i say why not so. I'm sitting in business class. And i put the leanest cub on the seat next to me. And then i see mrs shokhin. The wife of the editor of arts is sitting in tourist class. So i go over and say to her. Come see what i have. And when i get back to my seat. The lioness has gone the captain took her to the cockpit end quote. The diane's named the line is cub route to maybe in tribute to rutan and when he managed to get home at all. Moshe dayan used to roughhouse with route. The lioness rolling around with her on the ground when the lines became too big to keep they donated or two zoo in israel where route diane relates with laugh. She was set upon and killed by the other lions most of the on saw himself as an amateur archaeologist and after nineteen sixty seven he had soldiers and day laborers dig up ancient sites in the territories and he took home what he found most of the antiquities. Were eventually sold abroad along with a certificate. Authenticating that diane had owned them which fetched more money owing to his fame for a time. Route diane used roman glass pilfered by moshe dayan to make pendants sold at mesquite fifty years after route. Ion sister-in-law moshe sister aviv geffen killed herself. Routes still could not say out loud that be the had been depressed or that. She had taken her own life. Yonatan geffen viva giffen son and aviv. Geffen's father tells the story of how someone once asked his father easter l. Vivas husband to say he loves his son yonatan more than the country easter l. answered quote. But i can't it's not true. I love the state more than i love. Yanti and more than anything in the world and quote of us route geffen route. Diane said he was an exceptional father. A perfect father and it all makes me think that there was something missing in some of the greatest people in that great generation who are so devoted to creating a jewish state. Something that where it ought to be. But wasn't there was instead of kind of cold kind of cruelty not allow where moshe dayan was. The first baby and where rutan is buried between her sons. Not far from her famous ex husband. Now allow was famously. Laid out by the architect richard kaufman. A perfect symmetrical octagon route. Diane was of a generation. Believe that everything could be disciplined. Land could be forced into octagon lion cubs could be trained into pets. Ancient glass could become modern jewelry. See also believe that everyone deserves to see the and devoted most of her life and different ways to make this happen. She had both of these impulses and both impulses account for so much of what is beautiful about this place and so much of what is tragic about this place that in its energy it's vision and myopia. It's kindness and its capacity for cruelty resembles. Maybe be no one as much as it resembles routine diane you. He's a harrow today. Three topics topic one lapidary matters as poll after poll shows that the second biggest party after the likud this election will likely be your ear. Lipids centrist yeesh tea party leading folks who follow politics to conclude often to their own surprise that he has got a real shot at being israel's next prime minister or at least one of israel's next prime ministers in some sort of rotation agreement has the time come to look at la peed in a new light topic to day in court as a three judge panel of the international criminal court in the hague rules two to one that the i c c has jurisdiction to try israelis for genocide crimes against humanity and or war crimes producing here. Not just the you but also a cry including from prime minister. Netanyahu calls the decision quote unquote. pure anti-semitism. Will wonder what to make of the decision and topic three. The revolution is in the mail. As lately a bunch of new serious and smart long-form political journals have started up. Most of them actually gasped printed magazines that arrived gasp in the mail. Some of them are on the left. Some of them are on the right. But they're common ambitious to build an intellectual community around new ideas which community will then leave their salons for the streets forming a political movement that changes the country. It's an old dream and it's worked in the past but cannot possibly compete with tweets. An instagram picks and for our most unreasonably generous patriot supporters in our extra special special. Extra discussion. the link to it you can find in our show notes on your podcast app or at patriotair dot com slash podcast on the world wide web. We have each brought from home where we keep the internet stash the most notable election video or two that. We saw this week which we'll talk about in hopes of over the next few weeks creating a bit of a composite portrait of the politicians and parties in the election. But

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