Bonding: It's like 50 Shades of Gray... But Funny

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Our first guest star in the netflix. Show bonding which is about a subject. We can't really talk about on a family show. Think fifty shades of grey. But funny. and you're kind of their brendan scannel and matt lucas. Welcome to ask me another high for having us welcome. I just want to start by saying. I love that bonding as a show as a topic exists. Absolutely it's definitely one of the shows where as it was coming out. I was like i wonder how my family is gonna feel about this. I'm like i'm deeply irish. Catholic has eight siblings and my dad has five in all my aunts and uncles are like love that show with all the whips and rather everything. Everything i ever do. I'm half-naked end so at this point. I'm just kind of used to it right at some point. You're like i and a hat that's too much to buy. I know this season. They had this season. They had a like a jumper made for me and with an apron over. And i was like whoa. I'm like i'm clothed. I'm actually fully clothed. Like what a strange turn. Sure all right well. Are you up for some games. Would you guys like to play some games. I love games. That's you do so you're gonna take turns answering questions in this first game. Here's what's going to happen. We're going describe fictional animals as if they were presented at a competition like the westminster dog show so some of these animals are dogs but some of them are not you. Just tell us the name of the animal or the title of the work that it comes from. Okay brendan this is for you next in the working group. We have a great dane who deviates from the breed standard. He's over five feet tall. The judge will never watch gate and look look at this. He's walking on hind legs. Some highly unusual behavior from this dog as he seems to be leaning over to talk to his handler shaggy. Yes he say shaggy. A i mean this has to be miscue be do. I always love the mask. Reveal they would have the double mask reveals to. It was a ghost and then like they took it off and it was someone and they took the mask off. That person someone else surprised at. How many people's first names were old man when we go them. I'm i'm definitely old man. Old man lucas. This one is for you. Okay this entrant. In the herding group was raised on a farm and found his true calling hurting sheet. He looks comfortable in the stack position. But the judge is a little confused by spoofs and curly. Tail says first time here at madison square garden but he seems to be adjusting to being a pig in the city babe pig. I never seen that. It's supposed to be adorable though it is it is pretty. I mean talking animals. I have no problem with talking animals. Yeah and pigs are so key. There's a there's someone in my neighborhood that has a pet pig and they walked i live. I live in the village and new york city. And like there's a person who has a pet pig And he walks the pet pig around my neighborhood. And it's really cute you very nick. I'm in brooklyn. No one has a pet pig. I feel like was something wrong here. Officially bushwick arianna guerande also has a pet pig. Really just out of curiosity. Is the pet. Pay any coats or call that ever. Although i do follow. Listen i'm gonna. I'm going to plug this. I follow this pig on instagram. Because he has an instagram account. Its arms giblet the piglet so you can like actually go check out given the piglet and see what i'm talking about and give you the piglet follows me. I feel very proud of him. That's very nice. Follow back for is give it active does giblet like comment and like what you're up to and i would just expect a lot of like political means. Yeah i guess if you ever get sick of it just like a couple. Bacon jokes over. Yeah all right. Brendan for you now. We have the toy group literally. This junior handler is a precocious six year. Old boy whose conversing with his stuff tiger while walking around the ring perhaps we don't see the tiger the same way he does. Oh i know this. Oh it's philosophers you guys. I'm very young this time it's i forget. Yes calvin hobbes. There you go.

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