Apple reportedly developing next-gen ultra-thin displays for AR devices with TSMC


Nikei sources say that apple partnered with chipmaker. Tsmc to develop micro. Ola displays would displays built directly onto chip wafers for use in our future. Headsets that displays underdevelopment are less than one inch in size with mass production estimated several years away the beta for iowa's fourteen point five adds accident hazard and speed check reporting to apple maps. A new report button is available in the bottom tray of maps to report incidents and voiced support for siri is available as well and analysis by cambridge university university although they probably have anniversaries also estimates that bitcoin mining consumes roughly one hundred twenty one point three six terawatt hours of electricity per year which would make a top thirty energy consumer if it were used by country however for context the researchers noted that electricity consumed in the us by always on inactive could power the bitcoin network for year. I liked that comparison there. It's like yeah that sounds bad but then also that Following its launch in australia. Google new showcase launched in argentina and the united kingdom offering now includes free and paywall two articles for more than one hundred twenty uk and forty argentinian outlets bringing its total to four hundred fifty publications twitter announced monetize daily active users increased twenty seven percent on the year in. Its q four to one hundred ninety two million but missed analysts expectations of one hundred ninety three point. Five million with growth slowing for the third consecutive quarter. Twitter also said wednesday it suspended more than five hundred accounts and reduced certain hashtag visibility in india to comply with several orders from the indian government amidst farmers protests on agricultural reforms in the country. The twitter accounts are only being blocked in india and don't include news media entities. Journalists activists were politicians who have twitter accounts and twitter. Cfo ned siegel said on cnbc. Wednesday that people removed from its platform are not allowed to come back and that applies to president donald trump. Even if he ran for office again. All right let's talk a little bit more about what twitter is planning jack dorsey. He's been talking a lot about decentralisation over the past couple of months what did he say. This time scott feels like every time i'm on the show. There's something about his little idea but on this same call with investors on tuesday twitter ceo. Jack dorsey explained how it's internet project or internal project rather called blue sky and this something. He first announced wave back in december of two thousand nineteen Could create a decentralized social network to give people more choice over their twitter twitter experience Dorsey said twitter might create multiple rhythms for you to choose from offer them alongside those made by others a sort of marketplace on a lot of detail beyond that but dorsey feels Choice like this would not only help out business. But dr more people into participating in social media in the first place Decentralisation could also help twitter address concerns about moderation neutrality. all that kind of stuff Pretty fascinating idea I i still hope he does it with partners. And not just a a twitter store with algorithm skins. Well i mean it sounds like it's it's a combination of both the way twitter sees it happening. The company itself would say all right. You might want this experience. We have enough user feedback to know that some users are frustrated with the kind of stock twitter experience and using hashtags and maybe Filtering out certain keywords or searching for users or topics isn't enough for you you want twitter built a certain way and we can do that for you but then the company saying also third party developers might have some really great ideas and we welcome those algorithms as well as long as you know people wanted that. Could this be something that people would potentially pay for in the future. I would think yes. Yeah although i mean his focus on decentralisation implies that this would be something out in the wild right to the for longtime twitter's been talking about maybe we'll partner up with an existing decentralized solution which there are a few out there like mastodon. And i think that's a really really interesting way to approach this to say what if we decentralized twitter and differentiated twitter is just one of the better ways to talk with folks but like you said scott. He thinks that would help drive more people into participating if there was a federation so to speak that mastodon is that right now but twitter isn't part of mastodon so you don't have enough people using it so it doesn't get that momentum that it needs if twitter gets behind something like that whether it's mastodon or something else then suddenly it's got momentum and if you could say like well what i would like is a more environmental spin on this. I want a more libertarian. Spin you know wanted to promote things that are more about molecular biology promote scientists. I want i want to have a spiritual issues in christianity. Promoted more you you could have that and still everybody be participating in the same network and to his point about moderation neutrality. If you're the one picking the algorithm then you might have issues with how that particular algorithm works. But there'd be less burden on twitter or any other participant to be the person in charge of deciding what gets promoted and what doesn't because you'd have a lot of different approaches to it

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