Using Celebrities (MM #3609)

The Mason Minute


The with kevin mason mentioned last week. I was a little disappointed to hear that super bowl ads. This year won't include coca cola pepsi. Budweiser still a lot of advertisers. It took them a while to sell the advertising but they got it done but from everything. I've read this year. More companies are going to be using celebrities than ever before make sense. Celebrities are pretty easy. You got to pay a little bit more. I guess to get the bang for the buck. But everybody's gonna talk about the ads with celebrities in them now. I haven't seen any ads so far. That just heard about some of the ads. I know we'll farrell is going to be one. I've seen a teaser from gm. Mike myers and dana. Carvey look back to wayne's world and guess parody commercial ashton kutcher and his wife mila kunis are in a commercial for cheetos. I think we've shaggy the singer. Michael jordan matthew mcconaughey. They're gonna be in commercials to as are of course sports stars terry bradshaw peyton manning ally manning marshawn lynch all going to be in commercials together. So obviously we're gonna see a lot of celebrities this year. A lot of big stars in the long run because of this pandemic. You wanna make sure you're talked about and that isn't always so easy.

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