A highlight from Beanpole (Kantemir Balagov; 2019)


Hi my name's allie ambitious the reuss falls unite podcast where we watch russia and films with a russian connection as always. I'm joined by a guest and today once again. I'm joined by the delightful lind sarah. Hi lyn coverage me at the moment. Sorry well i may choose to release these out sequence solve Today it will seem like people go a healthy rest from muira dulcet tones. So as you'll be aware fraum that intro lids irregular around these pots The folks just joining us for this first episode. This is just where you've landed lynn. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself. You this was coming. I just always assumed. Because i've done this before. Like everyone knows now is fine. Yeah i've known you for a long time if known me like it's just makes me feel so at least over half my life. I think i think i was like thirteen fourteen. So yeah go thirty mumble mumble done this a bit. It's nice as an excuse to see. Yes in these. Yeah by the time this goes cares out. Who knows what the global situation. we think. we'll be a by them. I guess maybe. I admire up to a really hone things. There's thinking like. Oh yeah didn't see what has happened coming. Those those were the good old days of may but yes so about about yourself lynn. Yes have anything interesting to say ready. Oh come on. There are lots of interesting. I like watching film sometimes. Bonds off film expert. Neither am i. So you know you're in good. Keller russian expert. I i think it was about a third of my right eye of my the history. A level was on the russian revolution. I guess that's it. That's more russian history than i've done informal contacts On cherry picked up a lot more when you lifted moscow well and lastly upbeat listening to a lot of I mean goodness knows. He doesn't need the plugging. But mike dunkin's revolutions is very good very listened to the first series by didn't enjoy it because it was made it was on the civil was no yes a period of history Interesting yeah doesn't get covered all that much as with so fricking judas and victorians royalty obsessed Long live the republic. Yeah well i mean. It wasn't a great republicans republics gary. That's nice try. Well i think they called it commonwealth. Didn't they they kill the come on. Yeah talking books and things that probably don't need plugging but the world turned upside. Down is a book about radicals during at the lead up to the civil war. And it's ready great. Yeah it's a lot of people whose groups and names of different verbs like the diggers and the quakers ranches on the levellers. Yes on the level is of course. Yeah a friend of mine. Uni was very much into like identifies still around the kind of like a kind of eke like e coup a nocco punk band cooled levels or yes probably totally the wrong nomenclature for them but they were like they were a punk. Yeah like punk by for accuracy. The story level is fans so without the abbreviated two funk. Oh wait that's their thing. Concentrate half that as appointment.

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