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Welcome everyone to another episode of it visionaries and today we have a special guest. The ceo of pulse qa. Mehta mayak. Welcome to the show. Thanks so much for having me appreciate it all right so right out the gate. We always allow all of our guests. Tell our audience. What the product that you bill does. What is pulse. Qa the best way to describe pulses What google is to search. Pulse is to research people have gotten really used to being able to do a search and come up with fast accurate and free results and use that to sort of informed their decisions and research on the other hand is extremely hard. Where you've to set up an account become a master and how to do surveys figure out how to contact the right people especially on the bbc this is even more challenging and wait a few weeks if not months pay tens of thousands of dollars for as incentives and then come back with poor quality data. And if you just juxtaposed the search experience with the research experience just a massive gap to be had our mission at pulse is to close that gap so ideally make pulse to a point where research becomes is easy as search where you can pick up your phone hoste question to the right audience get back results in real time and use that to better inform your decision so tell. Our audience. Wind is materially different. From let's say relying on a forrester or gartner to produce a report data on if i have like b. two b. application questions. Yeah a great question so we got started As you mentioned in the b. two b. world and specifically within that with technology decision makers reason being no technology decision makers spend hundreds of billions of dollars on technology every year some cases a trillion plus have been also cited. And there's lots of research that goes into making these decisions. There are three things that are happening. that are changing the traditional world of research in the landscape and why we think pulse is a good fit within this chain landscape number one. Is it used to be forty companies. That ruled the world. And now they're forty thousand. Would hundreds more coming out every your with accelerator wycombe. Or another almost just chugging out and you know it used to be okay for a centralized authority to cover. All of this is now increasingly difficult to cover those forty thousand companies but the power of the crowd and the platform that his pulse can actually enable that because on pulse it's not analysts that you're learning from. It's actually your appears that have been verified and brought into the network so you when you ask question and when you want to know detail about something that actually goes out to the right people they come in and the answer you get data back in real time.

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