Super Bowl helps 'shine a light' on human trafficking


And we wanted to tackle an issue that you're not gonna hear a lot about when you turn on your TV tonight, and who knew we had such a celebrity living right here in the state of Ohio when it comes to fighting. Human trafficking doctor. Marlene Carson is a member of the United States Advisory Council on human Trafficking. She had that term for two years personally appointed by the Trump administration. Dr Carson. Thank you so much for joining us. If anyone knows the realities of human trafficking it is you. Mindy. Thank you so much. I really appreciate you even hosting this show today is very important. Thank you. Yeah, we knew it was a time to talk about it, Marlene and And, you know, I'm familiar with rehabs hideaway, which you also founded. The list of what you've done in this area is really impressive. I just kind of want to start out with today and it is Super Bowl Sunday, and this is a day traditionally where we would see an uptick in activity in the city where the Super Bowl was happening of human trafficking, Correct. That's correct. That's very true. Why is that? Well, any time you have, unfortunately, And I'm not making this a blanket statement, But any time you have a bunch of men, money, sports alcohol Is the criteria. Traffickers Look for that. So traffickers bring women and girls victim from around the country to monopolize the monetize. These games

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