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Team. Seven years bunch of media. Gigs bunch of podcast. We'll be forty. Two years old next week have still yet to have a real job in my existence as human being trying to keep that going as long as i possibly can right now. I'm wearing shorts. A t shirt. Don't even have any on my feet foot lots. But i'm not even having to flip flops on and i'm just sitting here talking with you and eventually joe dolan and scott barrett about fantasy football. This is amazing. Please check me out on social media. At ross tucker. Nfl we are at ross tucker pod so twitter and instagram. That's the show handle. I'm on twitter. Instagram facebook. The whole deal. You can always watch every episode of all of our shows even money where he asked got in the nfl futures. And i thought steve fezzet had some tremendous advice in terms of the nfl draft and which nfl futures. You should strongly consider which ones you should absolutely stay away from on the podcast raw. Soccer football podcast. Of course andrew. Brandt was not messing around when it came to carson wentz and big bend today. Make sure you check out that college draft podcast was awesome tomorrow. We'll have greg cosell on the raw soccer football podcast talking running backs today. We are talking best ball fantasy football again. Two weeks in a row last week was fantasy football basketball one on one this week were stepping up a notch. We're going to one. yes. I've got joe dolan with me as always check him out on twitter at f- underscore dolan my number one co host my normal coast but today we brought in big guns. Okay i am told by joe dolan. The number one ranked fantasy analysts fancy pros dot com that scott barrett is the greek god of best ball. Fancy football that is what i've been told you ever see almost famous where the guy jumps off the roof. You think i am a greek god. That is what scott does when he jumps into different best ball drafts jumps off the roof into the pool and says i'm greek. God hello scott. How are you. I'm doing great. I wasn't expecting you know such a wonderful introduction. I appreciate it. Thanks so much. I will say div preeminent Best ball guru from an analyst perspective has to be at mike beers over at wrote of. But we're good friends and we talk basketball all the time. I talked basketball on the phone with them for about an hour yesterday. And then the best ball go in terms of actually playing best ball is a guy named aaron age. I had no one. No one knows glass name. i do. No one's ever talked to him. I talked to him but he plays basically yes over thousand best while traps across various sites and You know anything. Over a ten percent win rate returns profit. Anything over a fifteen percent win rate is like no potentially on sustainable and this guy just wins like forty percent of every best ball he enters. So i if i'm agree god of of basketball. It's definitely because. I am standing on the shoulders of giants year. But but thanks again for that introduction. So joe and scott are both rockstars fantasy points dot com we love fantasy points dot com. We encourage you sign up and get a subscription using the code feast at fantasy points.

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