Lawmakers vote to abolish death penalty in Virginia

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Two bills to abolish the death penalty in virginia one final approval in the state. General assembly on monday. Yip and we're headed to governor ralph northern. Who as we know is a democrat. Who's expected to sign them. Virginia historically one of the nation's most prolific death penalty states with then become the first in the south to abandon the ultimate punishment. The state senate approved by vote of twenty two sixteen a house. Bill that bans executions and establishes a maximum punishment of life in prison. Without the possibility of parole a judge would have discretion to spend part of that sentence a sticking point for some republicans who pushed unsuccessfully to make life without parole a mandatory minimum a minimum yes and identical senate bill sponsored by senator. Scott a cheryl bell is my saying serve as late last name right. Demo democrat passed the house by fifty seven to forty three vote with two republicans joining all the democrats. Which is a wonderful sign. Virginia has imposed capital punishment since the colonial times head of the rest of the nation. Get this a spy for spain was in town colony in sixteen eight one thousand. Three hundred ninety people have been put to death in that state since that first one. This is according to the death penalty information center now since the us supreme court reinstated the death penalty in one. Thousand nine hundred. Seventy six virginia has executed hundred and thirteen people more than any state other than texas oklahoma. Very close third to those two now. The death penalty is outlawed in neighbouring dc and maryland which abolished it in. Two thousand. Thirteen virginia would become the twenty third state to ban the punishment following colorado's abolition last year.

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