How to avoid outrageous fees for a Medical Emergency on an RV Trip

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This show is for you because here we talk about getting out there. Enjoying god's amazing creation meeting interesting people boone docking covering fun places and always used them the right gear in technology to enhance the rv lifestyle so welcome. We're very honored that you chose to put us in your ears this week and we have a lot to talk about. Lots of news. things Well showing that. It's going to be very busy camping season. Coming up in our news of the week and are featured interview is about The outrageous cost. I had no idea that you can incur if you need emergency transportation while you are a hurt out there on the road actually anywhere You've heard of air ambulances and lances. Sometimes you need both of them to get you to An emergency facility when you are injured or experiencing a medical emergency. Wait till you hear how much that costs and why You need to think about that before you set out on your next trip. And we've got your questions and report from the burkitt's off the beaten path coming up and of course much much more so we always do in the rv podcasts. First of all my lifelong traveling companion and my bride jennifer idea. Hello my michael. Well it's been a busy week as they all are all our just fat. You are suffering from a sore jaw. Today i had a sore tooth or to a root canal dreaded root canal this morning. It wasn't bad at the time. It was just a by cusp it. So that wasn't bad but her trait now. Just thought of it so you are a trooper and we appreciate it and you're also getting. I can't believe all of the positive feedback from our latest video on the rb lifestyle channel on youtube. Your cooking video about the make ahead meals

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