Portrait Of Jose Feliciano

Latino USA


What i first met jose feliciano it was the year nineteen eighty six. It was a concert of his in california. And i was doing my first ever interviewed him now at that time was leon was one of the most famous latinos that i had ever met and what i remember the most was that he wasn't afraid to be himself. He was eccentric and a true bohemian artist. That was truly one incredible guitarist who couldn't get much padma five separate night. All oh and that air of confidence translates musically to everything hosts it touches. And if this is the first time you've heard of jose feliciano and you're not sure you know him. Well listen to this. Bobby bobby doc. That's what set feliciano's mega nineteen seventy. Christmas hit police one of the all time most famous christmas songs in the world but with a career that spans almost six decades ho says major milestones have come from him putting his own personal stamp a mix of soul folk latin and blues on well known songs whether that's of the past visa goddess. Zing zing on saying were classic rock songs three monks and even star spangled banner. Here's his iconic performance from a world series game in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight. Oh a that may sound like an average game day performance but it was a risk that then three year old. Jose took during the height of the vietnam. War with his soulful rendition. Jose open the door for other artists to perform the national anthem in their own unique ways there was born in nineteen forty five in lettuce puerto rico and has been blind since birth. He was five years old when he and his family migrated to spanish harlem and it was in new york city for. He developed his love for music and crafted his skills on the guitar. In the nineteen sixties or say went on to become an international sensation especially in latin america. And since then he's performed on themed stages around the world. He's recorded over sixty albums and has won multiple. Grammy awards was. If any see now in seventies join me in the studio to talk about how humor is one way. He has coping about his almost sixteen year career and to talk about one of his favourite relationships. The one he has with his guitar. I'm wondering ho said. When was the first time that you remember hearing the sound of the guitar and was in an instant was it. Just like Yes it was. You hit the nail on the head. How how did you did. You live with me have you. What are you just like. You just like telling jokes all the time. Is that where. I'm sorry to say that has been my way of accepting the fact that i was blind that i wasn't normal A what at least people around me thought normal should be because in latin family if you have some kind of disability they start thinking oh my god. What's going to happen which happened to me. I remember hearing my parents discussing my future. All poor jose. what are we gonna do about. 'em eat canned. Seize blind and. I heard that i made up my mind right then in there that i was going to be different.

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