As Americans start to receive Moderna vaccine, questions arise about a new COVID-19 strain


Tonight. The cdc says this corona virus variant this new strain found circulating in the uk could already indeed be circulating in our country. Undetected pfizer. Says it's highly likely that its vaccine effective against the new strain. It'll take roughly two weeks to know for sure but the company says it could produce a new vaccine to match the new strain in six weeks. Well for more we welcome back to our broadcast dr. Selene ghandour clinical assistant professor of medicine and infectious disease at the nyu still of medicine in bellevue hospital in new york. She was recently named to the president-elect's corona virus advisory board a doctor gander. First of all. It's great to have you back. Second what is your level of concern on this new strain. And what's the truth about. Existing testing will the testing. We have if you're lucky enough to get one. Expose it well brian. There's a lot that we still don't know about this variant. But i do think that we need to take this very seriously as a potential new threat We don't know if this new variant is in fact more transmissible we think it may be based on modeling that we don't have concrete data on that yet we don't know if this new variant could be more deadly most of those who have been infected with it in the uk so far has been on the younger side and they tend to have milder cases of coronavirus to begin with. So it's a little hard to say whether there's going to be a significant difference in severity of illness and finally we don't know for sure. If the vaccines that have been developed by pfizer by madonna and others will protect against this new variant. We think they probably will. But if there are further mutations that accumulate in these variance where the change even more. It is possible. They could evade the vaccines we've developed. Thus far i heard someone say today. We can try to use the defense production. Act to make more vaccine to keep the pipeline full of pp which just don't know how to make any more doctors and nurses a personnel staffing as becoming the issue. We have ground them all down between spikes of this disease. What are we going to do in these hospitals these regions that are running above full. Tilt we we really can't defense production act our way out of this one. You can't manufacture doctors and nurses and while you can play around the margins by promoting medical students to first year residents or trying to bring people out of retirement. That's not gonna make a huge dent in this what you really need to do. It's a supply and demand problem right and we have a major demand across the country. What is driving that is transmission and really the only way to get ourselves out of. This situation is to flatten the curve. It's what we've been talking about for months. Now which is reduced the number of cases so that health care systems. Doctors nurses can cope with the number of patients that are being asked to care for. Where do you come down on shot shaming. We have a report later in our broadcast uses as an example thirty one year old member of congress from new york in perfect health. Got her inoculation Before doctors and nurses across the country some of them who are begging for there's and putting hands on patients every day. How should people view these lines and the notion of cutting in line. I think when you have enough an elected official who steps up and wants to get vaccinated. I do think there is very important symbolic value in that to show the american people that they trust the process by which this vaccine was developed and you factored approved by the fda and so i think the value of that messaging is worth it for. Somebody like that to be back. Stated early dr selene gander. Thanks for your work. Thank you very much for agreeing to come on and take our questions. We always appreciate having you. Thank you very

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