A highlight from 094 | Genre Junkies Best of 2020


Weirdo bookworm. We want to share our love of genre fiction with you. Some readers out. There may look down on you for your love of horse sci-fi fantasy but not us stop by as we discuss what we've been reading. John junkies had santrac. This is scott and here. We are the end of the year episode. Pour yourself Glasses champagne or apple cider. Something a fizzy water bubbly. What's the word for that. Carbon carpet carbonated carbonated effervescent. Also works for maybe a a cup of hot cocoa hot cocoa old. An orange. pekoe tea so this is obviously the end of the europe. So this is where we talk about like are quote unquote favorite books of the year. And i do say quote unquote. Because i mean really. This year was even more exceptional than other years. For all of the the weirdness of twenty twenty the books that we have read and talked about this year have been just top to bottom phenomenal. It's been a great year for books. It has been a great year for books and we had a really good reading year. Books played a really significant role in so many readers lives this year. Some people had a hard time reading at times because of all the stress of the year. A lot of people like us really turn to books and kinda fell into them For love and for health and through this like really have this stating year. So who we've got a recount it but this is like this is really hard because honestly i mean. I didn't dislike anything new this year. No there wasn't anything that i was kind of met on like. No really everything was so strong on. Its own merits yuccas. Because like the year two thousand twenty in movies was so weird like that was weird. And i had a lot of movies that like when i look back at my letterbox score i gave kind of a middling fuelling on but like books i mean i just i saw the books we read good for the soul and you know we always say that one of our jobs here. John junkies is to get the right book into the right people's hands. Even if it's not our hands so we can tell you like okay. So this is what is you know. This book is kind of about. And this why it's is or is not our thing but i really just enjoyed so so many books. So this is this is the taffy. It's a good thing that for our end of the year review episodes. We don't really have any hard and fast rules. We don't have a hard and fast number of books that we have to include. It doesn't even have to be the same. We don't even have to have the same philosophy on no and i was after a lot of hemming and hauling and then also gut reaction and feeling ill like just trying to narrow this down to a number. I have to have seven. I have to have seven seven. I mean really like in a year. When i liked everything i read. That's hard and like not only liked but some things like you know. They were obsessions. they were painters. These really big deal books. So i managed to settle at seven. And that's all i can do.

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