A highlight from Restart 2021 - Holiday Episode!


Now without further ado. Let's bring to the virtual stage your host brian as arnold. We are back with what. I am calling. I guess the holiday episode. I know i've been a little out of it for the last couple weeks. I wanted to you know. Keep the holiday mood going in. We'll talk about that talk about that. How everybody's doing well it is gene. Where fifth as. I put this together and i wanted to talk about twenty twenty. Well not really. I just wanna say it was a it was a great year. Well it was. It was interesting a lot of loss loss but a lot of introspection as well. It's been telling especially for me. I learned a lot about myself about my faults Maybe not as good. I thought i was say. I'm good but you know i could be much better than lots of wound for improvement in honestly before if i didn't hit if i didn't reach certain milestones. I really just was like everyone else. That would try something different. I would go to the next shiny object and so forth but something's different now and that's really not. It's no longer the case. And i can honestly say at this point that i would never have that mindset again in a testament to some tell someone of my own resolve what i went through a couple of years ago in something that i teach now but it's also because of the amazing guests that i've come to to know on the show. I think they are all so brilliant in courageous in just having incredible souls. So i've been blessed to have them on the show. The journey has helped me and they have helped me with the words in there in the thoughts and teachings you i wish some you could hear some of the message to me on this on this show while he thinks that's one of my guests. Here's the mon By the way check out. That show amazed and one of the best shows of the year. I would say and they have helped me. They pushed me. They've Encouraged me and what has happened is that they've helped me with a new word. This year. last year. I was a little i dunno it was. Maybe it was chewing. Bishops it was expedient is a long word probably not you know that the best it a necessarily went to win it was okay i was trying to say is i wanted to be less in More or just fast. I wanted to be faster of that. But something's i didn't do as fast so it was struggling with the struggle for that word but this year restart and here's why Happy new year by the way. I'm happy new year. yeah This might be the the the the latest year episode that you might be. If you've gone through podcast. But i really decided to take a break. Spending time with the family like us. The last couple of weeks been pretty busy these entire year. Sometimes that has taken a toll on me. Spend time with my family. And i don't wanna do that this year so balance my word my word is restart. Bursary start but the word is restart for this year of twenty twenty one. I've been doing this thing solo wearing all the hats and i've come to realize especially during the year that i can't do that anymore. Now i've outsourced a few things. But i really want to take it to the next level this year so i want to say restart i mean how i think about business how i do business my goals. Define the a or va's into these hats. That i have because. I want to be better. I want to serve my my audience guest in and really spend more quality time with family and i. I am definitely going to restart the way i do that. So i'm even thinking about cutting out the words solo prisoner. Which i think has been a crutch for me. Maybe four people that i serve your your solar for noor. That's not what i want from them. Maybe i want you to. Have you know people around you is nineteen anyway. You know you can't do this alone right. You can't do the solo so taking that off of my my branding of myself and just freezing is just bed. So my my word. This year's we start not starting over but restart just like a computer when you know when something gets funky which which a laptop is because didn't computer whatever something clogs it up and you have to clear it right you go to the. it guy. The first thing he'll say to you is did you do a restart so if something wasn't working which computer or in this case which which which company on the way you do business last year restart not start over just restart and carry. What was great from last year to current year. A twenty twenty one in leave. Whatever wasn't working behind. Now i'm down. I'm done now and I am off to maury episodes. They are coming up very shortly. You might see the holiday episode somewhere in there next one. And we have so many amazing guests lined up this year. That i'm excited about and please just stay to is coming is coming. I know it's been allows Went up here but we are blasting through today. One hundred episode of the authority project. Please let me know if you like to see more from this. Show that you haven't seen or something that topic that you haven't heard from the show. I wanted to serve you better even more so in this year. And i'd love your feedback. Feel free to email me. Don't get you don't have to go through a bunch of hoops. Feel free to email me off the bye do any forms email me. Email me at brian. Arnold dot com this bryan with a y. Is arnold dot com. And i really would love to see which which which you have in mind that can help you with or guest on the shell. I would more than more than happy to bust my tail. The find that person for you. Okay e. and for this this new year. Hope you are going to be incredible restart. And that's what i want from you this year and by the way the podcast site will be up or at least presentable is. It's out there already out there. But it's n- presentable so. Give me some time on that and you'll be able to actually go to that site in and view in get great things from there is. Nick is the plan so but that said you can hear a lot more from me. Maybe some more solo stuff from me short into the point so that is not too much into your day but more episodes come. I really appreciate all of you. Who have been loyal to the show and Have given me such great feedback and all the incredible reviews. Thank you thank you so much it means so much to me and I hope to hear from you soon. And hopefully we can connect in the future. You can find me everywhere at brian. Arnold okay everywhere for free to reach out to me time I appreciate you. And i will see you on an

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