To not deploy the National Guard in that scenario is unfathomable to me,


The protest take over yesterday, and how the Capitol building will see. There have been reports that the vice president is being strongly encouraged to consider that step members of the Cabinet Would need to be engaged and that most likely and you know, obviously what makes things difficult. This from a practical standpoint is their only 13 days to go until the end of the Trump administration. But we're going to continue to use whatever vehicles we have at our disposal. I know those discussions are ongoing. I expect that we'll hear from the Senate and House leadership. Do you know other things need to happen as well. To address the security challenges that we saw. I was deeply deeply concerned by the reports that the speaker had requested the National Guard be deployed and that it was initially denied by the Trump Administration. And reporting is and I'm sure your listeners have heard this. That vice president Pence was the one actually Green light the national defense deploying on the capital, their mobilization. Look, the Capitol was under attack and to not deploy the National Guard in that scenario is unfathomable to me, and so we've got to get to the bottom of it. We've got to understand why there were certain members of the Capitol police who opened the barriers and allowed people in who are not there for peaceful reasons. You know, normally, the Capitol complex is extraordinarily secure. You cannot get in without

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