Is chess an Esport?


On this. Podcast we've said chess is definitely any sport it's so cool to see you know Gm ichuro streaming for tsm and playing chess and chess was invented. Today would definitely be any sport. you know. we've we've sort of back that narrative collectively. And then i saw this article and i'm like wait a second. Something's not right like this doesn't feel right to me as much as i believed streaming of chest feels like a little bit of any sport is magnus carlsen is he. The top e sports earner is this really as good for the sports industry as a whole to sort of make this kind of call Or are we sort of now trying to include too much in the definition and we only hurt ourselves like. Where are you guys on that on that on. That thought lindsey. I'll let you start okay. I talked about this on twitter a little bit earlier. I think it's great. So one of the things about these lists especially. I was looking at the top ten team earnings to i mean the amount of potential earnings that are out there are just around fifteen to twenty percent of what they were last year. Because of the pandemic so part of it is that chest was super easily translatable in a pandemic near still able to hold tournaments. It's still very familiar. People still wanted to watch it whereas some other tournaments games. Whatever with the line element. It's not as exciting. So we'll see his carries over into next year that would be an interesting trend but the other part is that. I still don't think it's necessarily a bad thing for this is a little bit. I mean this is where it gets a little bit to differentiate between these sports gaming and top earning streamers as top running eastwards competitive on and the the delineation between all of those is really murky unclear. Obviously he's not the most popular Twit streamer and i wouldn't expect him to have the most money made off of that or most money made off of endorsements or whatever. So when i look at it from that lens. I don't think it's a bad thing that he's leading in this. Very narrow niche category called e sports. Where we're only looking at tournament winnings that have been decimated during a pandemic so but like even non pandemic like even. If you go back he probably still would have made the top ten and half a million dollars. You're weirdo doda to the winning team. Each guy makes you know couple of million bucks. He still would be up there. And i think the bigger question is you know everyone seems gung ho to call chesini sport right but then you see a list. At least i saw list like this. And i go wait. A second at maybe. Have we gone too fast. Here right like manx. Carlson to me has never been an east sports competitor right and so it started trending downwards though if people kind of us chess has an introductory way of getting into it because it is familiar international and then got for like league of legends. Like watching chess. Yeah i i. I very much think that that kind of strategy play that people get into is easily transferable to other games and that it could be a way of just doing that choices. I mean just. Chess has the advantage of longevity. It's been around for thousands of ears. So i don't think it's a bad thing right now. Maybe in ten years. I would think that this would be a bad trend. Maybe even five years but for right now this year it's point even stronger. I feel like we're using chess at this more rate like being used in the dirty version of the word right like we're using it for sorta like clout right because it's cool to have chess as an e sport and chest is massively popular internationally right and then as soon as as soon as you have. Magnus carlsen at the top of the list. Everyone goes oh. No no not any sport like i feel like we're using it a little bit and chris brings up a good point here. Jeff maybe you want to comment on like when do we call poker any sport. Yeah that's a good point. You got a slippery slope at some point. Can you call you know anything. That's being played electric. You know it's just this other point at some point. Can you just call anything you play like you know like if we're flipping a coin and betting on the outcome is that an e sport if it's filmed than like you're in one place at other place i don't know

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