Chino Shoho Yuko Chino



Sixty nine year old. Yuko chino's hopes to avoid. The apocalypse were dashed when her followers were unable to rescue. The wayward bearded. Thomas chan from a tokyo river with the end of the world. Imminent chino and her followers fled to a mountainside road where their convoy stopped after several days of snarling. Traffic and headaches for locals police arrived and barricaded the group to monitor them on the day of their apocalypse. And hopefully past the authorities planned to keep chino and her followers under watch until the press and other gawkers moved on but as may fifteenth quickly approached. Everyone was on high alert. A minor earthquake struck. Tokyo potentially foreshadowing chino's cataclysm chino's followers readied their minds and bodies for a swift death. And then the morning of may fifteenth arrived. The group eagerly awoke to see if they could spot the mysterious tenth planet bureau in the sky but they were only met with some warm spring rain showers. They held their breath for the rest of the day waiting for monstrous earthquakes. But those never came and when the sky cleared up new bureau wasn't anywhere to be seen. There were no reports of disasters anywhere on earth. The world capped spinning pana wave. The science wing of chino's group immediately went into damage control mode. They announced that. Chino delayed the doomsday. For one week. Chino said the fearsome date was now may twenty second one panel wave follower rationalized. The lack of apocalypse by saying the gods and our chairman did not wish for the end of the earth. This is going to take over on the psychology here and throughout the episode. Please note the nasa is not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist but she has done a lot of research for this show. Thanks greg when chino's date for the end of the world came with no fanfare. You'd think it might be challenging for her devotees to continue putting their faith in her but continuing to hold beliefs after a failed. Prediction is actually quite common. According to psychiatrist. Neil liser if a cult member had strong beliefs and sacrificed a lot continuing to believe might be less painful than discarding everything. They've stood for. He wrote the occurrence of a prophetic disprove. Rationalization must follow in order to assuage anxiety created by this this confirmation wiser even specifically wrote the this rationalization may take the form of an admission of the miscalculation of the predicted date. He said for truly committed believers prophecies cannot and do not fail even though pana wave postponed the end of the world by a week the authorities continued to keep a close watch on them. The public still had no assurance that the group wouldn't turn out to be dangerous in the vein of a previous called called omission. Rico ocean rikio scar japanese society forever when they released talks six seren gas into the underground subways of tokyo. In march of nineteen ninety-five that attack resulted in twelve deaths and more than five thousand injuries. Ever since then japanese authorities were wary and watchful over bizarre and apocalyptic religious groups in addition to any comparisons to option. Rico the actions of other cults such as heaven's gate toward the people's temple also left them on alert in the example of heaven's gate thirty nine cult members committed group ritual suicide the deterioration of the jonestown encampment of the peoples temple resulted in the deaths of more than nine hundred individuals. So after may fifteenth came and went the police nervously watched and waited to see what chino and her followers might do. Next tensions were high at the encampment as cult members who just been granted. Another of life continued with their daily tasks. The police and press marveled as chino's flock bother to do laundry and dane duties as the apocalypse approached. But they watched closely to see if there are any signs of a sinister plan. Most of the other bystanders were there for entertainment but some wondered what if chino was right. The old reclusive woman seemed so sure and her conviction spoke volumes the days slowly past and then may twenty second finally arrived but just as before nothing extraordinary happened. Chino's followers were disappointed but most never lost faith in their leader. The authorities hung around for a few more days but when they realized the group wasn't dangerous they lost interest and broke down their barricade.

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