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The Broken Cork


Welcome back everyone to the broken court. Podcast episode to who. I'm dan aaron jake and right. Now i'm gonna throw it over to my man aaron for our toast since it's real close to valentine's day. I thought i would give a valentine's toast one of those cheesy almost greeting card. Esque toast hallmark. Here's here's to you. So roses are red violets are blue. Don't get me flowers bourbon. Will do cheers. cheers everyone. Damn let's get stuff so right now. World bourbon news. Going around out of new rift still company out of newport kentucky. Something that's kind of Near and dear to my heart. Since i do work in the world fast food. They're doing something really cool for all of us New riff is putting out a fifteen year. Straight bourbon whiskey. they're calling. i believe it's called. Relief is bottled in bond. Just like all of their other products. Distilled in indiana. By what what we can only think is mvp. Because they're the only ones. I think are going to have the stocks that are up there in fifteen years and i think it is. Gp wouldn't surprise me. The barrels were purchased out of mvp and again that's all speculative but they were stored at their warehouse with the remainder of their time and this run is limited to just nine hundred if not less only to be distributed out of their distillery for the price of two hundred dollars. I think i tweeted about that. Too on the burkan broken corker twitter page to if you wanna if you wanna get in more in depth about it. I believe he did. But that two hundred dollars is going to go to benefit Restaurant workers around the ohio and kentucky area. I believe that release is going to benefit. Both the ohio restaurant employee relief fund and the northern kentucky chamber of commerce who's in charge of distributing the funds to people who need it the most for more on that you can check us out on facebook at the broken court crew is our facebook group or you can follow new riff on all of their social media for more information on that release. And i'm sure it's going to be amazing man. I think you know what a great especially this time of year. What a great a cinnamon for them to do. I mean cove is really hit. That service industry pretty hard. It's ruined a lot of people and you don't see a lot of people talking about i. Understand nurses and doctors are at the forefront of all of this kovin but they don't talk a lot about like like your fast food workers who have been working throughout the entire thing. I mean i've been fast food. I have not stopped working since covert started. Yeah and i mean. God bless all the frontline workers as far as medical is concerned because they are. They're in close contact. All that like i said are the forefront of all of this but you rarely hear about anyone else you know. Keeping america fed keeping america clothed. Everything like that. So big shout out to all our healthcare workers and big shoutout to all our fast food workers. Anyone who's working retail right now and all of our truckers keeping everyone delivered to and everyone stocked up so we can get through this together. Definitely a big shout to the truckers. So we have a new segment on the show. And i want mr jake over there to take it over. Oh yeah this is our new segment. It's called what's cracking so basically what it is. We give a shoutout to whatever we've had since last podcast. Something's good something you drink and right now something you wanna tell everybody about to me. It was new roof winter whiskey. I tried that a good friend at a bar. Bought that around for actually me and dan and you talk about unbelievable. That's one of the best new products i've had. It really really is. I haven't had very many and of what i've had it. It's up there. I really so good. It opened my eyes to new roof and made me wanna do a little bit more research into their products. And then i mean on top of all of that. We found out about this thing that you just talked about the fifteen year. Oh yeah what's cracking for you. So what's cracking for me. I've had a couple of new bottles. I'm gonna give a couple of honorable. Mentions i never had seventeen ninety. Two bottle in bonn. I know very very strange. But i had that and it's delicious. If you can get your hands on bottle relatively cheap. I paid forty five ninety nine for man. I think that's right around retail so also from french. Lick indiana lead w sinclair four grain. It's called the iconoclast It's a four product from them. What happened long story short. They had three barrels. That were of the league w sinclair that. We're just a little off. They didn't say whether it was a good offer a bad off. They just said it was often. So they mix those three bottles together and made the iconoclasts. But the one. I really really wanna talk about is the o. H ingram whiskey It is from brown water. Bourbon company out of nashville. Where the whisky comes from. What happens with it. It's really cool. They on the mississippi river in an o o h ingram. Born and so really. Yeah so they have Redone this barge completely rick house out of it and so what

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