Daniel Kaluuya on new movie 'Judas and the Black Messiah'


Walk to popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies and there's a movie now called judas and the black mesa. That's so good that will you can watch it now. You need to finish watching me. Daniel speak but when you see it you're going to see something extraordinary and you're going to see my guest today. Daniel columbia in a really amazing performance where he brings the spirit of someone to life and that someone is fred hampton. So congratulations to you. Then on i think most markets in what. I realized this is the very months for years ago. That get out opened yeah. I'm glad humphry as of that black comfort. Low two years a year off. The gal black pants came out in february has very much every year. You're just working in working in doing this. And you've got that oscar nomination after we last talked to. Are you just impossible. Now had you become A complete tyrant on the set. I think i was always a tyrant allowed. This kind of spaceman allowed me to be more tyrant. So i just i just like you know. I liked ice cubes. In one cup blueberries in another and then some soda in. And i don't even like soda but i just wanna be ir like a roman tyrant. I don't wanna be like a new. I on the roman like the old that that's own. You know what. I mean when something like that happens and of course you had done so much work you know in england theater. You scanned you. Were doing all of this stuff. But get out was a kind of a breakthrough that changed your life. Didn't it change my life. You changed my life a lot to catch up to that or with me. Like only think eli lawshield. Go up to happen with go in all that time in an all the things you've done whether you're did black panther whether you did queen it slam whether you were in widows this working with the most amazing people and doing incredible things and in this case of with judas and the black messiah. You're playing this real person. Fred hampton so fred hampton. We know and i think here in america to it was yes. He was the guy that led the black panther party in chicago and new annoy. He was the head of it and died. Tragically young. and that's what we know. We know those two things and finally. There's a movie that says he had and he had a spear any had something that was happening. How did you get attached to it. That's the on on the set of a powerful on reshoots ryan and zinzi kuebler Produces film to decide and say. Oh we we're making a film about fred hamilton. Love to be bothered a mess. Chairman fred keith is is in it as well Unshackle king is directed. Just feel alive. Kim i really their intentions and reasons really spoke to and so it was that i was like i just felt really on that the full of me in that way and they will let y'all send your treatment. They sent me a toothpaste treatment. Which is incredible and i met with shock in new york during the get out. What's he's not. You may have one of the tricks. setting on with you on that same trip. I sat down with shackle. So like i said that masako spoke on. I loved him as a person. I loved his reasons than would season off the oscars the first script i read judas nabet messiah and then i would say less. So what do you do. When you're playing this guy who we know of as a more of a symbol than a human being and that you have to create him as he is. How do you go about doing that. Which you do so brilliantly. Thank you solo work on the web but was kind of taken As a as a man you know and finding finding why felt he loved understanding why he loved him loudly loved and who loved him Of him you know the humanity politics is is like he has to have so much love so much karen in one food actualization black people in the black community in order to say these things in these ways like the speeches. I just felt like this identity in a remarkable man Amanda is to be remarked upon. But he is. He's a man. And i feel like brandon him. His humanity kind of puts into context his muddle

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