New Music Friday: The Top 8 Albums Out On Feb. 19


This is s. G lewis is debut album is called times. The song we're hearing from it is called back to earth and christina. I don't know about you. But i found myself absolutely beaming through this entire record. It is just pure dance. Pop joy totally unbound in euphoric. Yeah absolutely. I think the bigger concept behind this album is as you said harmony whether that's in the music or really just bridging generations of dance pop together. Yeah i did. Read that s g lewis was inspired as much by the mindset of disco as the actual music itself because of the magical community. It creates right if i if i channeled and power. She'd be here schooling me about how the dance floor was a unifying. Utopia i mean. S j lewis definitely wants us to know that he has done his homework of so the rosner and rossner's interlude is actually alex rosner. Who was the sound system engineer for the loft as the formative new york dance party from the disco era. But even if you didn't really know that bit trivia that's totally okay because you hear in the music itself like the song impact has robin and channel tress feed. The fire has lucky day which mirror keyboardist matt johnson. And then of course. The song one more has none other than nile rodgers. The album has such a great arc to it too. You know it. You're dancing through the whole thing but it ends with this. Really sweet song called fall. You did farms. And he sounds just completely spent by the end of the record. Write it and it's so easy to imagine this couple. That went out to the club. Probably got into a fight probably kept on dancing maybe with other people but when the sun comes up in the haze is lifting one is asking the other if they can just fall in love again and and i don't know it was just so sweet to me. Yeah i think. The feeling that i got from this was nostalgic in more ways than one like i was even thinking about this song. One more because it's about them inevitable bihar the night. Where like you said you come across strangers and all of a sudden your plans to party hop have completely changed. You know thinking about those times. I usually look at that as an inconvenience is like okay. We have plans. Like what's going on and i would usually be completely spent but with the way that s you louis so lovingly treats dance music here. It's like unfond for those times when we come across strangers again. I want shot strangers now. A great record s g lewis. His debut album is called times and from the dance floor. Let's go to the cosmic. Sounds of pauline anna from her new record out now in february. Nineteenth is

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