Eagles trade Carson Wentz to Indianapolis Colts


You. What are your thoughts here on. The carson wentz listening to come and key overpaid underpaid. Who won the tree. There's just so many opinions out there. What's yours i mean my opinion is for carson wentz. This is best case scenario. I mean this time was up in philly. The the philadelphia fans didn't want him and he didn't want the philadelphia eagles anymore so he gets to move on to a place where he wants to go and he never made it public that he wanted to be an indianapolis colts. But this is the best place for him. Is frank reich. A guy that believes in them. You have a very good defense a good run game. Excellent offensive line some young weapons on the outside. But to me this is put up or shut up for carson. Wentz and frank right reich. You're staking your your career on this guy being what he was in two thousand and seventeen when you haven't had him and now if you're carson wentz you're in a perfect situation for yourself to resubmit yourself as one of the top tier quarterbacks in this league and if you don't do it i believe this is his last opportunity as a no brainer starter for any organization ryan. What's your reaction to the eagles having the six pick and potentially targeting a quarterback at the six spot. You know what i think. The eagles would be stupid to be messed up at quarterback again. Right you look at it last year carson. Wentz didn't play well. You drafted a guy in the second round so there were rumblings that people wanted to see him play and then he plays any outplays carson wentz and now you find yourself in this issue. Do you really want the do that. Couldn't read his press statement in his opening. Press conference to start to season the season with a quarterback controversy. And here's the other problem. Let's say. Trevor lawrence and anzac wilson go one two or go one three. And if you're picking where the philadelphia eagles are if you're not in love with the quarterback don't waste your pick. Don't put yourself in another bad position. And listen to you. Look at trae lance you look at justin feels and i know people are going to kind of compare these guys based on color but that's not it. I'm just talking about style of play. We're talking about two quarterbacks that extend plays the same way. that jalen hurts us. Two quarterbacks that can make all the throws but may read things a step through slow if you listen to some of the skull which. I don't believe about justin fields. Which are going to have quarterbacks. That are very similar at at very similar ages competing. And i don't necessarily know if that's the right thing for an organization starting over with the new coach when you have a guy that had some success in jalen hurts. Evaluate him seeing. If he's your quarterback of the future anythi is you don't waste at picking us to get better somewhere else.

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