434: Eagles Monday Night Tank; Is Pierre-Luc Dubois Available? Joe Thornton on Leafs Top Line? - burst 2


They still got a playoff shot. If they don't if the team loses they can get in blah blah blah blah blah. All that stuff. It wasn't that confusing. Basically washington wins. They win the division. If they lose the giants win the division right the night game the night game by that by that time right anyways. Unbelievable that that freaking game it was sorta of like. Is this a real deal here. Going on with the with the with the fumbles and the and the recovery's and looking like he should have fallen on the ball but he didn't putting in that freakin quarterback. Even chris collingsworth. Whoever that guy was her or was it hurts. Who was supposed to be in there. Is that the guy's name then he. Well here's the story line is story reading. I think that what we saw last night with the eagles taking on washington the football team. Yeah congratulations to the nfc eastern champion football team. Yes anyway The story line is not just washed and winning and winning the division much to the chagrin of the new york giants it is the philadelphia eagles with an obvious tank like they threw that game. They threw that game to improve their draft status. Had they won they would have been ninth since they lost their sixth overall in the upcoming draft. Szirbik move we certainly see management even ownership you. You could put a team on the field. Put your chess pieces out there in such a way that you don't have a very good chance to win the game but it's very rare when you actually see it happening on the field. You mentioned some of the things in the game. The big factor was eagles head coach. Doug peterson putting jalen hurts out there to start. That game was a good thing because people had had enough of carson wentz he had a year and jalen hurts seemed to represent both in the last few weeks and in the game itself a real opportunity for the eagles to do well and he was playing well last night and he pulls him out of the game for guy. I've never heard of coming out of the game but never nate. Nate sud failed. That was doug peterson. Excuse for putting. Jalen hurts on the sideline and bringing in native son failed. He said i think i thought saad fell deserved

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