A highlight from The Republican Party's Over

Eric Erb Live


Keep us on the air okay. Let's get right into it folks I wanna talk to you today about something. obviously that happened on six with the Be om black lives matter. And of course antifa leading the way mixing in integrating with trump rally with the trump rally and the trump supporters the infiltrated the mob. They infiltrated and broke in to the capitol building there Us capitol building. and congress. What i wanna say is with everything on the perception is the media. Keeps pushing this crap. Did it was all trump supporters. It was not trump's supporters. It was antifa and it was blm okay. Trump supporters are are Good god fearing people. They respect authority. They respect God at least most of them do and most importantly they respect the rule of law. What i want to say is probably going to hurt. A lot of folks out there This might not be what you want to hear. But i'm going to say it anyway that the republican party folks is dead. Okay it's one hundred percent dead. It's dead because the republicans. Gop senators and congressmen alike had turned on us. Patriots had turned on the country had turned against a lawfully elected president president. Donald j trump. Because they did this and they shit and turn their back on us and turn their back on president trump especially and the most dying hours of need. This is why the republican party is over. I'm just gonna say it right now. I'm never ever ever going to vote. Republican again okay. I'm done absolutely done gun with their shit. The republicans improved from lindsey graham to mitch mcconnell right on down. The list. keeps going on and on rand paul. Even that they cannot be trusted. They have their own best interest to have their lobbyist interest at heart rather than the american people. They don't want to see the fraud. They don't care about the fraud they don't care about the will of the people there is over seventy two million people. A lot of people. Don't understand the democrats. Since they own the media they own the media the own big technology. They own everything. They don't understand that. The democrats control the narrative. Most of the time it's one thing that republicans suck at. They can't control the narrative. They're not good at stuff and finally got somebody in office.

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