The house is worth now 400,000 and they paid 100,000 for it


Cares act that gave people a one year moratorium from required minimum distributions. So there's always some new news to tell. And when you change administrations like this and change control of Congress, there's no telling what new financial regulations may come. But there's almost a guarantee that there will be a bunch of them, don't you think? Yeah, that was scared to the bunch of them. The new tax act will probably be referred to as a simplification and you can almost guarantee that that is not the case. Whenever Congress passes a new tax law. It is essentially the accountants full employment act, you know, taxes will become more complicated and more more of us will throw our hands up in despair and higher. Attacks prepared to do our tune for us. The simple Yeah. The last one was was called a simplification. I forget the name of the act. But it was anything but Tammy. We We still have the same number of brackets when they were done. Let's talk for a minute about your your books. Jonathan. How money now? At this point, Brian, I've done nine books eight devoted to personal finance. And then if you might recall, they also good, a novel that was Sensibly about bicycling, which is one of my passions. Are

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