Georgia Bulldogs announce no make-up game for Vanderbilt Commodores cancellation


Always great to Welcome back mike griffith to the program and mike. Let's start with the georgia bulldogs. After a spectacular saturday. They were hoping for one more game. It had already been postponed and now it has been canceled in what has been the reaction there and can anything be done about well. We're not gonna probably ever have anything like this in the future but really curious about your thoughts. Yeah a lot of fury. A lotta anger at georgie. No i it's twofold one georgia's playing great football. Jt daniels i mean before jt. They convert forty two percent of the third downs with jt. They convert sixty six right. Jt daniel six touchdown passes on on third down throws three incompletions. I mean the guys night and day. It's been amazing. Some people maybe. It's the schedule actually know if you look at the third down defense is the last. Three teams actually ranked better than the first six on average. What georgia's played. This guy has made all the difference in the world. It makes a difference in recruiting. Suddenly you have players. That are migrating to georgia that. Want to be a part of the georgia offense again so this transformation is happening in the shadows. Now that's georgia's fault. They didn't take care of business when they needed to jacksonville or in tuscaloosa and so they're sitting out this week so you don't get to see it but it's been happening on saturdays in athens and this georgia outgoing class. All these guys had an opportunity to be the winningest class in georgia football history. That's quite a legacy. But because vanderbilt canceled out all they can do is tie that mark now and so the a piece of their legacy is gone understand. Covid nineteen is not controllable but in the case of vanderbilt its players that are quitting the team and in the case of vanderbilt they cancelled on december fifth rally the troops for their senior day on december twelve and then canceled on georgia again. After the fact so georgia couldn't even get an alternative game that was acceptable for the senior day. So there's a lot of of anger and frustration and disappointment and all george can do now is hope that they get a good bowl draw. I think they need notre dame to upset clemson. I think if that happens. And if chalk holds and ohio state beat the bad northwestern and alabama roles florida. You could see georgia clemson in the orange bowl and i think that could excite the georgia fan but as things currently project. You're looking maybe. Cincinnati georgia in which case. Maybe some georgia guys opt out and say you know what it's cincinnati. It's it's not a real game.

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