For When You Feel Unappreciated


In today's episode. You are going to gaul little more deeply into exploring your inner beauty as you. Listen to your inner wisdom. I invite you to focus if you'd like on your fat chakra. Chaka's are considered to be areas within your body where you hold emotions and memories. Your fifth chock gra is located right at your throat. it's at your neck. It impacts your speech how you present yourself to the world and how others perceive you. You're fifth chuck. Robb is about inner truth. I've received several messages recently from you letting me know that you decided to meditate because you were wanting to explore your inner truth. I wanna share a message from a listener. Remember you can reach out to me on my cipriano instagram. When you send me a direct message you can also send me a message to mary. At cyp and home dot com and i would love to share your journey with other listeners. This was a message that really touched my heart. Because many of you know that i recently moved and as i move it's been a little bit hectic and i haven't really had a lot of time to really sit down and focus as a record these meditations for you like i normally do because i'm really out of sync now. I'm still unpacking boxes. I'm in a totally different city. A new home. And i'm still struggling to get my routine going to where i record regularly but i'm so glad that i'm still showing up that i'm posting episodes for you because sometimes i think why do this every single day. Maybe i could come back or not record daily but i know how important it is for consistency to record daily and i share with you what i actually do myself so this helps me with my own ritual and to get excited about the weekly themes and whatever we're exploring for the week i mentioned this to you because you just never know how much your work that you do or anything that you share with others can mean to someone. This is especially true if you feel really unappreciated in the kind of work you to because our work is our energy that we share and many of us spend more time at work than we do with our own families or friends and i received this message from a fallow listener. Who said i just wanted to tell you anonymously that i probably didn't kill myself last week because i got to hear your podcast before going to a hellish job environment that i can't get away from for financial reasons. This message really touched me for obvious. Reasons by especially because i hear from you and i know people personally who will also feel the same way like they don't know how they're going to get through another day of work or school or a relationship they may be in no that you're not alone and know that within you is a beauty. We all need that. Your inner light is so important and valuable to the world

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